Guest Post: Managed Access Control

Scott Hightower by Scott Hightower | 01.30.2013

Scott Hightower is President of Remote Protection Systems, a commercial security solutions provider based in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s undeniable that services are playing a bigger part of our industry than ever before, and one of the most interesting projects my company – Remote Protection Systems in Atlanta, GA – completed in 2012 is a perfect example of this trend. Internap is a global information technology solutions company headquartered in Atlanta. They had outgrown their existing offices and needed to move their corporate staff to a new facility. One of the major projects associated with this move was designing and installing a new access control system and data network infrastructure.

One of the most-interesting aspects of this project is that we moved Internap to an access control platform that we manage for them. So, we are now using Honeywell software to manage the access control system for Internap instead of them having to manage it themselves. It makes the system administration much easier for the staff at Internap as they now depend on us to add and delete cardholders, make card changes, maintain the access control database, and provide reporting. Honeywell recently completed a case study on the project and makes the case that managed services are playing a big role in helping security to become seen as more than just an operating expense. It can actually be a business tool as well.

Do you have any examples of security streamlining business operations?