Managed Access Control Helps Today’s Property Managers

John Smith by John Smith | 01.09.2013

What’s the definition of a Property Manager? A quick Internet search provides lots of definitions, including a person responsible for setting and collecting the rent, finding and screening tenants, handling leases, taking care of service/maintenance issues, processing move-ins and outs, dealing with evictions and more. Phew, the list could go on forever which is why a property manager’s job is never completely done.

Property managers are asked to be many things, so why not add security manager to the list? Given everything a property manager has to do, you would think having to be a security manager would make for more work. But in reality and thanks to advanced technology, managing the building security through a remote managed access control system can be less work!  In fact, it can actually reduce the number of hours spent managing a traditional lock and key system while improving the overall level of security and convenience for tenants.

Check out a recent article with Colliers International, Paul Farris, Sr. Property Manager. Farris details his roles and responsibilities and how Colliers implemented managed access control to meet customer demands for easy to manage security systems and added value and revenue for his company.