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Natasha Ramjit by Natasha Ramjit | 01.22.2013

An update of the Total Connect 2.0 Interactive User Guide is now available for download on iTunes! Honeywell’s award-winning Total Connect Remote Services lets consumers use smartphones, cameras and other compatible wireless devices to stay connected to their homes and businesses wherever they are. The app serves as a great selling and training tool by helping to demonstrate the rich capabilities and ease of use of Total Connect and highlights exciting new tutorials, including:

  • Z-Wave® home automation for thermostats, lighting and locks
  • Enhanced notification of important events—letting users receive alerts when an event happens or
    when it hasn’t happened by a specified time
  • User management—learn how to set up and sync user codes to the control panel
  • Location management—configure details and upload photos of multiple locations
  • Weather, traffic and news
  • Notification setup tutorials

Search for the Total Connect 2.0 Interactive User Guide in the Apple® iTunes Store. For more information about Total Connect, please visit our Total Connect Dealer Toolkit. You can also embed the interactive app demo onto your own website directly from the Dealer Toolkit here.


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  1. Sterling Donnelly 01.22.2013/3:20 pm

    This is great! We do a thorough Total Connect walk through whenever people sign up but this will certainly save us some time and help those customers that have more advanced needs.

    We are definitely get this embedded on our site.

    – Sterling Donnelly

  2. Rob Chadwick 01.22.2013/7:34 pm

    Natasha, not everyone uses iOS devices. Will an Android version be available for folks like me?

  3. Nick Markowitz jr. 01.22.2013/9:19 pm

    Still waiting for the release of total connect 2.1 or advanced as it is now called for hardwired panels . It works great with 5100 wireless panels when is it going to be available for vista 20p etc. My customers want it now .

  4. Rob Chadwick 01.24.2013/6:13 pm

    Installed TC 2.0 today and whenever customer tried searching for “Total Connect” or “Total Connect 2.0” (for the Standard app) using the iTunes shortcut on their iPad and their iPhone, all that came up with was this new App… we had to use the link on the Toolkit website for the iTunes link to the standard app. You may want to check on this out to make things easier for the users.

    Also, couldn’t you have modified the blue icon to have the word “guide” overlaid over it for this new Interactive User Guide app? It was very confusing for my customer, as he downloaded the new one before we realized he couldn’t find the standard app because of the glitch mentioned in the previous paragraph. I can just imagine users getting the two apps confused if they have both apps loaded since the icons are identical.

  5. Sterling Donnelly 01.26.2013/9:40 pm

    Rob, you should have your customers use the App Store instead of iTunes as the user guide won’t show up then. When on the iPad, make sure they search using the iPhone Apps option though.

    – Sterling Donnelly

  6. Rob Chadwick 01.29.2013/9:28 pm

    Sterling, actually they did use the App Store App button on their iPhone & IPad… which I assumed when to the iTunes store, as I am an Android user. If you are an iOS user, you should try the search and see what you get… they only got the Guide (which has the identical icon as the TC 2.0 remote access App.

  7. Daphne Ray 01.31.2013/5:29 pm

    Great user guide info, but it’s not relevant to the Vista20.

  8. Natasha 02.01.2013/8:32 am

    Hi Rob,
    Presently the TC 2.0 Guide is only available for the iPad and web. There is no set date to release it on other formats. The TC 2.0 app is available for the iPhone and if you search for it on an iPad the Apple store will not show it for iPad, you need to look for it under the iPhone apps. The TC 2.0 Guide is available only for the iPad. We will look into differentiating the icons in some way in the future.

  9. Natasha 02.01.2013/8:35 am

    The VISTA series panels will use the Tuxedo Wi-Fi as the automation piece. This is presently in the works and will be released this year.

  10. Blake Rosenthal 03.04.2014/7:28 pm

    Great tool, that will be added now that we found it. We do the most complete Total Connect walk through whenever people sign up for our central station or DIY service, and this will most certainly save us and our customers time. We thank Honeywell for making do-it-yourself security even easier.

    Blake Rosenthal

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