VISTA Turbo Fire Controls Heat Up the Market

Linda Cortese by Linda Cortese | 01.15.2013

The commercial security market never seems to cool down. Often driven by ordinances and insurance requirements, commercial customers reach out to you for cost-effective solutions. The VISTA control panel series  has become the system of choice for many of you serving this market.

Last year, the VISTA commercial burglary control panel series was upgraded to the “Turbo” model. As the name implies, its performance was greatly improved, and several features were added that reduce installation cost and complexity for you, and provide helpful solutions for your customers. Now all of the Turbo enhancements, and more, have been added to the VISTA commercial fire/burglary series  control panels. Can you imagine what we called it? Yes, you are right! VISTA Turbo Fire Series.

There are three VISTA Turbo Fire models available to meet the needs  of your commercial customers – from 32 to 250 zones that can be a combination of – standard hardwired, V-Plex® wired and wireless devices. These control panels have numerous UL commercial fire and burglary listings for local and central station use.

The VISTA Turbo series offers a tremendous amount of bang for the buck to help you satisfy the life-safety and security requirements of your commercial customers at a cost-effective price. Let us know how you benefit by adopting the entire line of VISTA Turbo systems for your commercial fire and burglary applications. For more information on each of the models, please see the VISTA-32FBPT, VISTA-128FBPT, and VISTA-250FBPT.