Where Have All the PCs Gone?

John Smith by John Smith | 01.28.2013

Did you know we are in the “post-PC” era? When I read recent news from Gartner, I don’t know why but I was envisioning something like the movie Mad Max and a post apocalyptic world where all PCs are gone and we turn into a bunch of savages and fight our neighbors for control of the water. As cool as that would be, the “post-PC” era actually means that we are shifting to a mobile future where smart phones and tablets are served up information quickly from the cloud to consumers who have grown to expect anytime access to their information (can you say Facebook?).  

Who would have thought we would ever move past PCs? Surely this cannot be true? I am writing this on my laptop PC and I am pretty sure most of you are reading this on a PC, so how can this be? The reality is that US PC sales are dropping quickly and were down 8% in Q3 2012. As more and more businesses move to make their staff mobile and accessible, smart phones and tablets are leaving the PC on the scrap heap. 

The need for immediate access to information also applies to systems like video surveillance.  Users don’t want to be tied down to a PC and can’t be onsite 24×7 to view their video. Users want real-time access and notification of events and alarms while viewing their system on their iPad while at home or on vacation.  Users want access to their video information for both security and business intelligence purposes like seeing who is breaking into their stores at night, checking in to see which employees are working late or leaving early, making sure customers are being taken care, ensuring their store is cleaned and stocked and more.

Systems like Honeywell’s multi-award-winning MAXPRO Cloud offers customers alternatives to traditional PC driven DVR’s and NVR’s and give the flexibility of delivering customers their video anytime, anywhere through their mobile devices. To learn more about how customers can benefit from video services, go to http://www.maxprocloud.com/.

So I guess I won’t become king of my neighborhood anytime soon, but if it ever comes to that I will be able to keep an eye on everything with my iPad and video services.