Cargo Pants and Cable: Isn’t There an App for That?

Dan Dunar by Dan Dunar | 02.20.2013

“When you’re on the go and need to select a cable, consult the comprehensive Honeywell Cable catalog, which conveniently fits in one of your cargo pockets!”

As I proclaimed this to my more fashion conscious friends, they promptly informed me that cargo pants have NEVER been in style, and most people stopped wearing them after the ’90s. For the record, I do not (currently) own cargo pants, but I can absolutely appreciate their utility. It’s nice to be able to carry around some reference material just in case you need it. Fortunately, this thing called the “smartphone” created a way to store and access all sorts of information without soliciting judgmental stares. Instead of digging through pockets and sorting through wrinkled sheets of paper, you can quickly and easily launch an app from your phone.

So, since you probably don’t have the Honeywell Cable catalog in your pocket, how do you find the right cable for the job? Introducing the Honeywell Cable for That! app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Finding the right cable is now just a touch away. Intrusion, video, access control, fire… Whatever your application, We’ve Got a Cable for That!

Visit the links below to download the free Honeywell Cable for That! app from the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play Store.