How to View IP Cameras with Tuxedo Touch

Kevin Kohrs by Kevin Kohrs | 02.12.2013

One of the Tuxedo Touch’s™ major selling features is the ability to locally view cameras on the keypad.  If you have been strictly installing security panels, this can prove to be challenging to your installation team, especially if you are installing non-Honeywell cameras.

General Compatibility Requirements
If you are familiar with IP video, you know there are many different protocols that have been introduced to the current market over the last several years.  The Tuxedo Touch keypad was developed to connect to IP cameras that support the following network and codec features:

  • UPnP for camera discovery on LAN
  • RTSP streaming
  • MPEG4 for streaming on Tuxedo Touch
  • MJPEG for streaming to browsers

For a list of cameras that meet these specifications, please see the updated IP Camera Document for additional details.

Important Note
Every camera manufacturer has a different twist on how their cameras are configured.  As a manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the Tuxedo Touch will work with every IP camera that supports the above network and codec features. Due to the rate of change in technology, the camera manufacturers can make changes via hardware or firmware updates that can impact the functionality of the camera rendering it no longer compatible with the keypad.  What this means is the list provided above has been deemed compatible based on the spec sheets with the current versions of the Tuxedo Touch keypads.

Training Opportunities
With this particular product we are blending multiple technologies together into one controller, which can be an installation challenge if you have not received the proper training. It is strongly recommended that you confirm proper functionality between the two products before installing them on the customer’s site. 

If you are interested in offering Tuxedo Touch with camera capability, please review our Additional Opportunities Training Document, which describes different opportunities available for your training needs. This will help ensure a positive experience for you and your customer. 





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  1. Patrick 02.12.2013/10:17 am

    Will the Tuxedo work with Foscam IP cameras?

  2. Kevin Kohrs 02.12.2013/11:18 am

    Due to the large number of IP Camera’s out there, I am unable to tell you with 100% certainty they will work. However, if the Foscam camera’s meet the guidelines specified in the blog, you will have a greater chance of success. My suggestion is to have a test environment at your office to confirm functionality before installing in a customer’s home or business. Be sure you thoroughly go through the IP Camera Document for specific questions. and suggested troubleshooting steps.

    Please feel free to contact us at 800.645.7492 if you have further questions.

  3. Rusty Calvez 02.26.2013/12:04 pm

    Can a Honeywell ACU unit be used to take a video output of a DVR so it can be seen on the Tux?

  4. Kevin Kohrs 02.26.2013/3:06 pm

    Thanks for asking Rusty, this is a common request. Unfortunately the Tuxedo Touch Keypads and the Honeywell (AlarmNet) ACU are currently not compatible with each other. This is an item that has been brought to our attention many times and we are working on a resolution.

    If an immediate solution is needed many installers have successfully integrated the TrendNet TV-VS1 ACU Converter. Just remember that if this is new to you please set it up at your office and familiarize yourself with the product before installing in your customer home/business.

    Feel free to give us a call at (800) 645-7492 if you would like more details.


  5. Jason Kennedy 02.26.2013/3:43 pm


    If you are using the Honeywell ipcam-wo with the tuxedo keypad does the customer have to have an Alarmnet account?

  6. Kevin Kohrs 02.26.2013/5:27 pm


    With the exception on of the Honeywell ACU any one of the AlarmNet IPCamera’s will work locally with the Tuxedo, without an AlarmNet Account. If you plan on remotely access your camera’s you will have to acquire an AlarmNet Account through your central station. The AlarmNet camera’s supported are:



  7. Mark Wilging 02.26.2013/10:07 pm

    We have used the Honeywell brand IP cameras (both indoor and outdoor) and have had huge issues trying to get consistent video to stream to the Tuxedo keypads. The video transmits fine to a remote device via Total Connect 2.0 but there are major problems that Honeywell techs themselves still cannot seem to diagnose…

    • Kevin Kohrs 02.27.2013/4:09 pm

      We would like to speak more in depth with you concerning your issue. Some things to try that may help are:
      1. Verify all Camera’s are up to the latest revision (Total Connect 2.0 will show you a flashing caution sign if they are not)
      2. Verify the Tuxedo keypads are updated to the latest revision. On Monday the 25th, we recently released updates for our Tuxedo keypads. Those updates can be found at The most recent updates are:
      – Tuxedo Touch™ updated revision is 4.1.22R
      – Tuxedo Touch™ WiFi updated revision is 4.1.15W
      3. The final suggestion is to try and add the Tuxedo Touch keypad (s) to a DHCP reservation list in your router.

      Verifying these settings have proven to successfully correct similar scenarios. If you would like to speak more about this give us a call at (800) 645-7492.


  8. Tab 02.27.2013/3:32 pm

    What ports need to be forwarded for remote access to the Tuxedo video interface. I can connect remotely using the ddns set up but the video does not work. Are the ports forwarded for the camera’s ip address or the tux’s? Thanks!

  9. Kevin Kohrs 03.07.2013/7:23 am

    First, you must understand that you are limited to only one camera that you can view remotely when using port forwarding or a ddns. You must forward the camera’s IP address and HTTP port to the Tuxedo’s IP address. This information can be found by pressing “Multimedia” –> “Camera” –> “Camera Setup” –> Highlight the camera you wish to forward –> then press “Edit”. On the screen you will see the camera’s IP address and HTTP Port. This is the information you will need to input into the “Port Forwarding” section in your router. The second part is in the tuxedo itself, you have create an additional camera in the Tuxedo with the external IP address or ddns url and the same port number as you configured in the actual camera.

    I have to add a disclaimer to this response: Although this is a working feature of the keypad, we rely on customers IT expertise to configure these options. Due to the many different configurations Honeywell Intrusion Technical Support does not support any form of port forwarding. However, for more information on port forwarding you can check out


    • Tobias SImacek 06.08.2014/8:33 pm

      I did as it says above and I have still do not have system working I can view locally on keypad and I can see camera’s remotely when I login with manufacture app… I am using Dlink camera’s Do I need to find a pathway for the MOBILE section. I have forwarded the port for camera to CAMERA and used the external address in tuxedo as said before I can view at keypad not remote. If you have any tips let me know

    • bill dorn 12.16.2014/11:19 pm

      I dont think the above directions are correct, there has to be something missing. I cannot get this to work either. i’m guessing they have blocked it in further updates to make sure we have to pay for total connect. i never would have bought this system knowing what i know now and advise others not to unless there planning on subscribing to total connect.

  10. Brian Franks 04.17.2013/8:36 pm

    Absolutely love the Tuxedo product. However, similar to Mark above, experiencing a lot of problems getting the keypads to view the camera images locally. Cameras work great on Total Connect for remote viewing.

    The house has three Tuxedo Touch keypads installed (and three cameras). Could the multiple keypads be a problem, since each seem to be hard coded with the same port that needs to be opened on a router? Keypads work great in all other respects (alarm setting, weather viewing, automation, etc.). Thanks.

  11. Kevin Kohrs 04.18.2013/9:14 am

    There are a lot of variables that can cause local loss of video and any questions about the installation need to be assessed before we can give you an accurate diagnosis of the problem you are experiencing. If you have not already, please make sure your keeps are up to the latest revision, then give us a call so we can discuss further, (800) 645-7492. Anyone of our technicians can assist you.


  12. Aaron W. 10.09.2013/1:07 am

    I have an Axis M3113 IP Camera. It meets all the requirements and I have set the exact same camera up with a Tuxedo Touch Wifi and it worked with RTSP axis-media/media.3gp. I am trying to setup a system with hardwired (non Wifi) Tuxedo Touch system and I can not get a picture. I have the 3/20/12 Tech Note that shows the paths, I don’t know what I am missing. Camera’s work great when viewing on broswer or other device.

    • Kevin Kohrs 10.09.2013/9:34 am


      The most commonly missed item here is the RTSP Path. Try entering the path as simply MPEG4 or even try putting your IP Address/MPEG4 (Ex. If that does not work please call in so we can verify your settings. There are a lot of cameras out there and unfortunately we have not tested all of them. If the camera meets the specifications it should work, but no guarantees.

      Kevin Kohrs

    • Aaron W. 10.09.2013/3:24 pm

      In followup I will try that but also it would not save the resolution and frame rate. Every time I saved the frame rate would default back to 0 and resolution back to the minimum. Thoughts? I test installed the exact same camera in my home with my Tuxedo Touch Wifi and it worked perfectly.

    • Kevin Kohrs 10.09.2013/5:06 pm

      At this point the Tuxedo keypad relies on the logic of the camera to produce the frame rate and resolution. The key is to make sure they are set correctly in the camera itself. The Tuxedo will not bring “read” the camera and display how it is set. So, to make a long story short… don’t worry about the frame rate and resolution in the Tuxedo, the camera configuration takes care of that.


  13. Aaron W. 10.11.2013/5:23 pm

    Me again. So I think I am getting to the root of my problem. I have it working without issue on the keypad in my office. That is brand new and says Software Rev 4.4.31 on it. The keypads at the customer are new but were purchased and installed about 2 months ago. They say Rev 4.1.22 on them. On the tool kit website it seems to say they can’t be updated? So is there anyway to update the firmware in these keypads or do i need to swap them all out? Please advise

  14. Kevin Kohrs 10.14.2013/9:27 am


    That is strange that they are working on your office units, but not your field units. They current version of 4.4.31 keypads have new hardware and operating systems that may explain why that is. Revision 4.1.22R is the older hardware and operating system and can not be updated. With that said, it may be best to swap them out to satisfy your customers immediate needs.


  15. Sani Saqr 01.13.2014/3:04 pm

    Hello, I am trying to find out if it’s possible to control the tuxedo touch keypad outside of my home without paying the monthly subscription for total connect to work? And info would be grateful!

    Thanx so much

  16. Jeff Gough 07.15.2014/2:40 pm

    Anyone had any luck using the Foscam FI9821W. Seems to have mpeg4 and UPNP

  17. Brad Wood 12.14.2014/7:56 pm

    I have figured out how to make this panel display Foscam cameras. I’m most certain that this isn’t supported by Honeywell, but it will make the cameras display. This is also posted on the Foscam support forum.

    After mucking around with this for the better part of a day, I have finally figured out how to make these cameras work with a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch panel. I spent quite a bit of time in Wireshark figuring out how these cameras actually work, and I’ll discuss that as well.

    First let’s talk about the problem. In the default config a Honeywell Tuxedo touch panel will not connect to any late model Foscam Camera. Reason number one, the cameras listen for RTSP on the same port as the webserver, by default this is port 88, non standard and a little weird but this normally can be worked around on the client side, which leads to the next problem. Reason number two, the Tuxedo touch panel will only let you configure default ports or high ports for RTSP and HTTP, 80 and 554 respectively. I don’t understand why Honeywell did it this way, but it is what it is.

    With that knowledge in hand, here is the trick to view your cameras on your panel.

    1)Login to your Foscam Camera.
    2) Go to Network->Ports
    3) Change the HTTP port from 88 to 6500
    4) Save the configuration, and test via web browser

    Now move over to your Tuxedo Touch panel

    1)setup new camera
    2)enter IP address of camera
    3)change RTSP port from 554 to 6500
    4)change the RTSP path to videoSub
    5)enter username and password for your camera (note: don’t use the @ sign, it totally messes with the auth packet)
    6)change the HTTP port to 6500

    Press the disk to save, click the back arrow and then touch the camera. You will be presented with a nice live stream from your cameras.

  18. Lindsay Fredericks 05.19.2015/9:30 pm

    Hi does anyone know the settings for the TUX WIFI for the Toshiba IK-WR12A IP Camera?

  19. ha nguyen 06.06.2015/9:58 pm

    I set up the Tuxedo touch work with a camera I plug in Trendnet TV-SV1P It WORK BEFORE. But , now how ever I can not make it work any more. any one know how to make it work? thank

    • ha nguyen 06.16.2015/2:10 am

      i found out : i flash my Tuxwifiw with the v5.1.13.0_VA. it is not compatible with trendnet tv-sv1p’
      im looking for the original firmware V5.1.13.0. any one know where i can get it?

  20. Grant Goldberg 11.27.2015/12:36 pm

    When will the VAM firmware have the capability to configure a User ID and Password in Camera Setup?
    This function is not available in v6.2.9

  21. Thuan 03.12.2016/9:28 pm

    I been experiencing problems with my tuxedo touch and the camera configuration on my camera. It seems your system only lets you configure 3 ports only. Is there a fix? I’ve been researching online and this seems to be a known issue. Thanks in advance.

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