How to View IP Cameras with Tuxedo Touch

Kevin Kohrs by Kevin Kohrs | 02.12.2013

One of the Tuxedo Touch’s™ major selling features is the ability to locally view cameras on the keypad.  If you have been strictly installing security panels, this can prove to be challenging to your installation team, especially if you are installing non-Honeywell cameras.

General Compatibility Requirements
If you are familiar with IP video, you know there are many different protocols that have been introduced to the current market over the last several years.  The Tuxedo Touch keypad was developed to connect to IP cameras that support the following network and codec features:

  • UPnP for camera discovery on LAN
  • RTSP streaming
  • MPEG4 for streaming on Tuxedo Touch
  • MJPEG for streaming to browsers

For a list of cameras that meet these specifications, please see the updated IP Camera Document for additional details.

Important Note
Every camera manufacturer has a different twist on how their cameras are configured.  As a manufacturer, we cannot guarantee that the Tuxedo Touch will work with every IP camera that supports the above network and codec features. Due to the rate of change in technology, the camera manufacturers can make changes via hardware or firmware updates that can impact the functionality of the camera rendering it no longer compatible with the keypad.  What this means is the list provided above has been deemed compatible based on the spec sheets with the current versions of the Tuxedo Touch keypads.

Training Opportunities
With this particular product we are blending multiple technologies together into one controller, which can be an installation challenge if you have not received the proper training. It is strongly recommended that you confirm proper functionality between the two products before installing them on the customer’s site. 

If you are interested in offering Tuxedo Touch with camera capability, please review our Additional Opportunities Training Document, which describes different opportunities available for your training needs. This will help ensure a positive experience for you and your customer.