Who Ya Gonna Call….Inside Sales

Tara Frederick by Tara Frederick | 02.11.2013

Members of the inside sales team were honored during the 2013 HSG Kickoff in Marco Island, FL.

In today’s world, we’re all being pulled in a million directions and feel like our plates are more than full.  At Honeywell, we strive to make our dealers lives a little simpler.  By offering a one stop shop with inside sales, we are providing a little less to worry about.

Based in Louisville, KY, our hard-working inside sales team is an excellent resource. How often do you find yourself looking for a part number, asking for confirmation that the quote you just put together is accurate or looking to learn more about new products and specials?  Our team is ready to help you with all these needs across all three lines of business. 

Our trained and qualified individuals on the other end of the phone will help you with any issues you might have, and can also go one extra step and call your orders into ADI.  With strong relationship with our ADI branches, insides sales will call your orders in and make sure you receive the best pricing available and make sure your order will ship or is ready for your pick up.

Helping You Save Money
Who doesn’t want to save some money along the way?  Inside sales will call you and let you know about promotions, counter days, expos and other sales and events in your area. Specifically focused on Honeywell products, our team is able to concentrate solely on our product and service specials. 

Our inside sales team is broken down into territories and works very closely with the regional sales managers and technical trainers in the area.  We will inform you about training classes and provide information you need to help grow and expand your business. 

Looking for marketing materials to increase your sales?  Working very closely with our marketing team, inside sales can make sure you receive the most up to date and accurate marketing materials to share with your customers. 

Our team of highly trained and enthusiastic individuals is looking to help you in any way we can.  So the next time you think about who you’re gonna call for Honeywell support?  Answer with INSIDE SALES!
Access Control/Video-800-323-4576.