LYNX Touch 5100 Is On PBS

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 02.07.2013

On February 9th, LYNX Touch 5100 and Honeywell Total Connect will be airing nationwide on PBS’ Hometime TV show. Hometime is one of the longest running home improvement shows on television.

Watch the security segment of Hometime.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the episode started in syndication and now it will be featured on PBS so check your local listings for details. If you can’t watch on Saturday, please watch the security segment here. It features the Honeywell Security piece of the installation in a 1990s vintage log cabin.

It was a great opportunity for Honeywell Security to be included on this project. Our thanks to Norvado, the integrator who installed the system.


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  1. Sterling Donnelly 02.07.2013/3:48 pm

    What a great segment showing how powerful and versatile the L5100 LYNX Touch can be once you add the different wireless sensors, AlarmNet communicators, cameras and L5100-ZWAVE module. Hopefully, lots of new alarm users will see this segment and decide that Honeywell is the right company to choose for their new alarm system.

    – Sterling Donnelly

  2. Super Dave 02.26.2013/11:55 am

    Good little segment showing the functionality of the L5100.
    A few things to note; I like how the installers were wearing their ID while doing the install. Not enough people in this business feel the need to show their ID, not just the installers but especially the salespeople, mind you that’s probably because those businesses didn’t think it was important enough for their personelle to even have a security check (you know who you are).
    The only thing I can think of to make the L5100 better is to be able to partition with it. I’ve got a detached shop that isn’t clearly visible from the main house that I would like to keep armed while I’m at home and not in there working. Or a home office, or even an attached garage that can be armed while you’re home.
    And I also really liked the last line.

    Dave MacKenzie

    Peace of Mind Systems

    • Ralph Maniscalco 02.26.2013/12:49 pm

      Good point….Security professionals should always look the part and wearing company ID including some branded clothing and/or badges is always a good idea. With regards to partitioning, I will send your suggestions to our product management team.

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