Please Steal This Info

John Smith by John Smith | 02.27.2013

Do you remember watching a DVD (or dare I say for the older crowd a VHS tape) and it always started with the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning that you couldn’t fast forward through? I’m pretty certain that anyone who ever made a copy wasn’t worried that the FBI was going to knock on their door and confiscate their Harry Potter DVD collection.  Well, unlike the FBI,  I’m happy to say that this blog post is about encouraging you to steal (okay, lawyers say borrow) this information and make it your own.

One of the latest trends in marketing is something called an infographic. An infographic is a new type of marketing that mixes the problem you are trying to solve, with statistics that support the need for a solution and then the solution itself, but all in a nice, easy to follow graphical format that is meant to be shared.

An Infographic Will:

    • Give you credibility when talking to your customers
    • Display information much more easily and will be more likely red vs. articles
    • Increase traffic flow and get more views when posted to your website
    • Make it easier for readers to engage with your company
    • Provide a way to build brand awareness at less cost than many marketing campaigns

MAXPRO Cloud Infographic

Honeywell’s infographic on MAXPRO® Cloud hosted video provides a way for you to communicate to your customers the importance of offering this type of service using statistical information on market growth, cost savings, and more.  Please download this infographic and add it to your website or marketing materials with our permission.  No need to worry about the FBI coming and knocking on your door, but our salespeople just might.

For more information on hosted video, check out Honeywell’s newest release of the multi-award winning MAXPRO Cloud 3.0 service at The newest MAXPRO Cloud release offers flexible local and cloud based storage options, notification of alarms and events with email clips and real-time dashboard that provides instant visual status for a single site or hundreds of sites.