Top 5 Reasons For A Professionally Monitored System

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 02.26.2013

Over the past several years, the security industry has seen an influx of competition in the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) space.  Whether it’s on the Internet or at the local home improvement store, the message is the same:  Do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars in alarm installation and monitoring.  If homeowners can save money installing their security system themselves, why should they have it professionally installed and monitored? Below are five reasons you can use when in front of a customer.

1. Life Safety
Safety and security alarm monitoring is made up of many elements from theft and burglary detection to the most important piece- Life Safety.  Who will call emergency responders if you are overcome with carbon monoxide or you are in your home while it is engulfed in flames?  A professionally installed and monitored system will.

2. Medical Emergency
What will you do if you or a loved one is choking, having a heart attack, or another medical emergency?  Will you be prepared to handle it?  The calm and steady voice of a professionally trained central station operator can be priceless in your time of need. In addition to calmly relating your situation to 911, many operators are trained in First Aid techniques such as CPR. The help they can offer may give you or your loved one the time they need until an ambulance arrives.

 3.       Reduced Loss
Some of the biggest threats to homeowners are loss due to theft, fire, or water. While the use of any alarm system is a great deterrent for theft, there is no guarantee against loss. However, statistics show that homeowners with monitored systems traditionally experience less property loss.  This could be attributed to increased arrest rates when crimes occur or an intruder’s fear of getting caught when an alarm sounds. In any case, a monitored system could mean the difference between coming home to a damaged door or returning to a house that is empty or rummaged through.

In the instance of fire, a monitored system can notify fire departments at the first sign of fire, which may give firefighters the extra minutes they need before the fire is out of control. Fire experts say monitored systems can reduce fire damage to your home by up to 71% and reduce water usage to fight a fire by as much as 91%.

This brings me to water damage. A leaking pipe can do thousands of dollars in damage over the course of a work day or long weekend. By notifying you at the start of the leak, you have the opportunity to turn off the problem line before you have to replace your cabinets, floors, or furniture. 

4.       Interactive Services
The rapid growth of interactive services such as Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 has only shown to increase the value of a monitored system. When your monitoring company calls you about an alarm at your home, you have the ability to look-in through video cameras to see who may be there or to check on your children to make sure they are not at home.

5.       Economic Value
The biggest reason I hear from homeowners who don’t have a monitored system is that monitoring costs too much money. Well, how much is too much? Most insurance companies will give a discount of up to 10 or 20% off of their insurance rates for a monitored system. (There is likely no discount on a non-monitored system.)  If you add the savings you can achieve through utility reductions with the use of Honeywell Total Connect, the cost really has never been more affordable.

An average consumer will pay about $2,000 for a good kitchen refrigerator and will pay about $10.00 per month to run that appliance; all to protect about $500 in groceries.  What is a fair price to protect your family?