Another Honeywell System Sighting: Dead Man Down

David Gottlieb by David Gottlieb | 03.06.2013

After my recent post showing a 6160 keypad hanging on the wall in a video promo for Duck Dynasty, I heard from Mr. Larry Schwalb of Houdini Lock & Safe Company.  Larry told me that he had installed a Tuxedo Touch on the set of the new movie Dead Man Down, a neo-noir crime thriller starring Colin Farrell opening March 8. 

While the Tuxedo Touch is hardly recognizable just above the head of a sitting Colin Farrell in the film’s trailer (at 00:6), Larry believes it may have a more prominent role in the full-length feature film.  It turns out that Larry and Houdini’s technician Michael Feinsod are old hands at outfitting major motion pictures with locks, safes and security equipment.  Other productions they have been involved with include Jersey Girl, Limitless and the CBS TV show Hack. Larry, thanks for letting us know!