Dog Owners Open the Gate to Opportunities

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 03.11.2013

I have a confession to make…I am an annoying dog lover. I stop to admire pretty much any dog I meet and it all started when I got my dog Hannah. Over five years ago, she became a part of my family and I couldn’t imagine our life without her.

That is why I was pretty upset this summer when she escaped from our yard. We were having our house painted and the painter left our gate open. When I let her out I had no idea, and she was gone in minutes.

After a 20 minute drive around the neighborhood (painter included), we found her happily strolling down the street without a care in the world. After I recovered from the guilt, I got to thinking about how it would be really helpful if I was 100% sure the gate was closed before I opened the back door throughout the day. 

Enter a Honeywell exclusive: the 5816OD outdoor contact. Operating in temperatures from -40° F to 150° F, you can install this wireless transmitter on a customer’s fence for outdoor protection and awareness. Then from the keypad, a user can see at a glance if the gate is open. And when you add Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, your customer can receive a text or an email on his or her smartphone every time the gate is left open. And if the installation includes cameras, the user could even receive a video clip. Can you see how this can help your sales when you’re in front of a pet owner?

“This winter has been brutal. Imagine Mr. Homeowner, you’re at work and you get an oil delivery at home. The delivery person left the gate open and you receive an email alerting you. With these cold temperatures you don’t want to walk outside to make sure the gate is closed before you let the dog out. Wouldn’t this make your life simpler and keep Chance safer? (If you’re lucky enough to live in warm climates, just replace oil delivery person with landscaper, gardener or pool service.) To further illustrate the point, use the video clip above.

When you are on a call and a prospect’s dog is sniffing your shoes, do you think to mention this great benefit? I’d be interested to hear your approach; please comment below.