Guest Post: Operation Security Blanket

David Morris by David Morris | 03.04.2013

David Morris is President of Modern Systems, Inc. Modern Systems, an authorized First Alert Professional dealer, has offices in Somerset, Lexington & Bowling Green, KY.

When I heard the news about the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, my heart went out to the children and families connected to this senseless act.  I attended a memorial in my community to honor those whose lives were lost. During the service, local school personnel talked about the challenge of making our schools as safe as possible.

I realized the best thing I could do to honor the victims of Sandy Hook was to do everything I could to protect the kids in my community. As is the case in many districts across the country, our schools are limited by strict budgets. Even though many of our area schools have managed to budget for camera systems and limited access control systems, I realized there is still a key piece of the puzzle missing-panic alarms.

I decided to create a program I call Operation Security Blanket. The system includes three supervised wireless panic buttons which are installed throughout each school system’s front office. When pressed, the button will send a silent alarm to our monitoring station, which will immediately call 911, as well as send a text alert to all faculty and staff alerting them of a threat detected on campus. The intent is to get first responders rolling as quickly as possible. Seconds can save lives!

Since the tragedy, we have installed panic alarm systems in 28 schools in Pulaski County, KY at absolutely no cost for equipment or monitoring. To see more about the program, watch this short clip from our local news station

As security dealers we have a responsibility to keep our communities safe. I urge you to start a similar program in your community. Please give me a call at 606-679-4556 if you are interested in bringing this service to your schools. Let’s honor the memory of those who lost their lives in Sandy Hook by protecting our nation’s children.