The A, B, C’s of Inside Sales…

Tara Frederick by Tara Frederick | 03.21.2013

While taking and making over 170,000 calls in 2012, inside sales has gotten a ton of questions.  Here are some questions and answers for the most common topics in hopes to help you even more. 
A: Are there any tools and/or marketing material to help grow our business? 

The Honeywell Total Connect Toolkit at is just one of the great resources available to you.

Of course there are!  By using a variety of different sites, we offer dealers a diverse amount of product literature and ways to show your customers all the equipment and services we offer. Our dealer toolkits are a great way to find all the information about specific products in one place. They include videos, pictures and brochures to help demo our services and products.  By accessing, you can download our videos for your web sites and YouTube channels. Click here for a pdf that includes many helpful sites.

B: Besides onsite training, are there any other options?  
It’s not always easy to pull your technicians off a job to sit in a training class.  With our Discover eLearning Training Program, you can enhance your sales, technical and overall Honeywell knowledge from the comfort of your office or home.  With interactive online training made simple, you can take a variety of online classes any time of the day or night.  Want to know how your team is progressing?  We will send you an email updating you on which classes each employee has completed. 
C-Can we place orders with Inside Sales? 
Inside Sales is an easy one stop shop on ordering.  All your orders are still processed through your ADI branch with your account and your ADI representative still gets the credit they deserve.  We strive to work as one team with our ADI partners, to make your life and ordering process as easy as possible. 

D: How do I find out about new products and services
Inside sales strives to make sure all of our dealers are aware of and educated on our latest and greatest products.  Curious about what products are being released?  Call your inside sales rep to learn about promo specials, release dates and newest upgrades on existing equipment. And we will also reach out to you when there is something we think you’d be interested in to enhance your business.

And, if after reading this you still have a question please call us at 800-467-5875 for intrusion assistance and 800-796-2288 for video/systems help.  Never hesitate to pick up the phone and call us!