Technicians Add Value for Your Customers

Jason Lutz by Jason Lutz | 04.25.2013

This piece gives the customer an easy buying experience.

Some of our most trusted security consultants are the service and install technicians. Why? I think the consumer feels they can trust the opinions of a tech because they have the technical training and really don’t have a vested interest in making a sale. 

As a dealer, I always encouraged my techs to offer valued added upgrades on a call and I did compensate them for the extra work. The goal is to offer value added products and services, not to turn an install or service call into a new sales call.

So what’s the best way to get started with a successful upgrade program?

1. Come up with a list of products or services that you want to promote. Here are my favorites.

  • Alternate communications like Cellular and Internet
  • Environmental sensors such as water and temperature – Check out my water detection post for more details.
  • Life safety sensors are crucial: whether it’s a Carbon Monoxide sensor or that trusted monitored smoke detector.
  • Convenience sensors are always a hit, “Mrs. Smith would you like to arm your system with the ease of a car remote? Try our 5834 keyfobs.”
  • Connected Home offerings like Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services- This really is a must. If you’re not offering these services, your client will find someone who does.

2.  Next define a price for the client.
Are you charging a one time fee for equipment and/or are there any added costs to the monthly monitoring?  If a technician is increasing the monthly cost for added services like AlarmNet or Total Connect, they should be versed in the agreement process. 

3. Once you come up with products and pricing, it’s time to give them the sales tools to be successful.

  • Discover eLearning is a great place to start with some basic sales modules and upgrading suggestions.
  • Upgrade chart – One of the best ways for a technician to offer upgrades is just by showing the client the options.  Honeywell has created a great marketing piece called the Security and Convenience Brochure. This piece shows all the top items and gives the customer an easy buying experience.

 4.  The most important step is making sure your technicians have the product on the truck. 
The advantage to a consumer to make the purchase today is that they are eliminating a future service call, saving them money and time.

With just a few easy steps and some great support from Honeywell, it really is easy to deploy a successful upgrade program. As always, I look forward to your feedback and sales success stories.