Family Pride

Deborah Paterson by Deborah Paterson | 05.08.2013

I live in Louisville, KY and the pride in being a Louisvillian has never been more prevalent than after this year’s March Madness tournament. When the city won the men’s NCAA championship, the excitement was nothing short of electric.   The Cardinals rallied around a fallen team mate, and vowed to bring that trophy home… for him, the school,  the fans,  the city….

Louisville is a well known college basketball town.  We do love our team and we wear our colors with much pride.   We are a FAMILY…tried and true.   Like the Cardinals, Honeywell is also a family, and we take pride in our accomplishments too.  With the release of MAXPRO NVR 2.5 software on May 24th, the MAXPRO Family of NVRs has some fantastic new features we are very proud of that I would like to share with you . 

First, incorporating support for cameras with ONVIF Profile S protocol allows organizations to more easily customize surveillance systems when integrating a MAXPRO NVR with Honeywell and other manufacturers’ ONVIF-compliant IP network cameras.  See Honeywell’s ONVIF compliant IP cameras here

With 360-degree camera support to MAXPRO NVR, you can greatly increase situational awareness and video surveillance coverage.  This support essentially gives a fixed camera the ability to act as a PTZ by allowing panning within LIVE or recorded video!   2.5 also offers Smart VMD (server-based video motion detection) that uses statistical modeling to maintain high-detection sensitivity. The technology uses object validation to filter out background noise, including shadows and moving vegetation, which helps reduce false alarms.  Nuisance alarms would not be triggered by a sudden pop-up rain storm with darkening skies, lightening flashes and blowing trees.  

Time is money, and who has enough to spend hours searching through stored video footage?  Calendar search provides an easy way to investigate events  by allowing users to navigate logically through an intuitive workflow in a matter of minutes.  For users who want to continue to use their existing NVR hardware, MAXPRO NVR offers a software-only version that deploys the system in a virtualized IT server environment. This saves users money by reducing the amount of hardware required to deploy the NVR solution.  To see a short demo of these new features, watch this video from the ISC West show floor.

The MAXPRO NVR portfolio is available in three box solutions offering 8 to 32 channels: Express Edition (XE), Standard Edition (SE) and Professional Edition (PE), along with a software-only version that ranges from 4 to 32 channels.   It is quite an accomplished family…something to be proud of…just like my beloved Cardinals. 

March Madness is behind us, but it will be quite some time before Louisville comes down off its cloud.  And if you are a basketball fan,  I thought you’d enjoy this music video of the last decade of NCAA championships. Go CARDS!