Securing a Perimeter with Video Analytics, Is it Practical?

Scott Ferguson by Scott Ferguson | 05.29.2013

Since the debut of video analytics, many security industry professionals have been quietly waiting to see how the technology would be adopted broadly. In most circles, video analytics was seen as a high-tech tool designed for critical-infrastructure protection in applications such as airport security. Well…a lot has changed since its debut and video analytics has become a real solution to work in tandem with traditional perimeter security technologies. In many cases, it’s less expensive to install, especially when dealing with a large or remote perimeter. 

An organization that recently implemented video analytics to secure its perimeter is the Rowland Water District in Rowland Heights, California. Located in the foothills of Los Angeles County and bordering a wildlife refuge, Rowland Water District found its isolated location attractive to thieves looking to steal vehicle batteries, scrap metal, tools and fuel.  

To see how video analytics helped Rowland Water District secure its perimeter abutting the wildlife refuge, please take a look at a written case study and video featuring the District’s General Manager, Ken Deck and its security partner Secure Site Solutions. Let us know what you think. And how do you see video analytics helping your business?

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.