How to Conduct a Successful Sales Meeting

Russ Ackerman by Russ Ackerman | 05.13.2013

Among all the responsibilities of being a sales manager, keeping your sales staff motivated is one of the most important. Sales meetings can be a useful tool to “fire up” your sales team. As I see it, to have a successful sales meeting the manager needs to focus on the following three things.

1. Training
It might be a new product that you are introducing to your team or a new part of your sales presentation, but the sales consultants need to come away from your meeting with something new. Look at the various steps in your sales presentation. Pick one of those steps and be prepared to spend 15 to 30 minutes training your staff. You can always train on one of the products on your price list.

Think of creative ways to train. Use your salespeople to help you train others in the meeting. Remember, if you are going to ask one of your people to train or present in your meeting, you must let them know ahead of time so they can be prepared. You never want someone to perform in front of their peers and be embarrassed. Here are a few suggested topics:
Overcoming Objections
How to Ask for Referrals
How to Present Your Product
How to Do a Successful Site Survey
How to Ask for the Order

2. Motivate
Your sales team will never be more excited or motivated than their leader and the prospect will never be more motivated than the salesperson. Successful sales managers understand that they must use this time to “rally” the team. High energy and enthusiasm is required. Keep the meeting exciting and unpredictable. Here are things I’ve done to add some excitement to a sales meeting.

• Make sure I am enthusiastic when I open the meeting
• Have one of my salespeople start with a motivational quote or joke
• Celebrate someone’s birthday (sing to them)
• Invite a guest speaker
Fire Fighter
Police Officer
An existing customer with a great story about how the system helped save their life
• Kick off a big contest
• Rearrange all the chairs in the room
• Serve food
• Decorate the room with new posters or banners
• Anytime a sales person gets three sales in one day, everyone in the room stands and gives them a 20 second standing ovation.

3. Recognize Achievement
Perhaps one of the best motivators is that “pat on the back” from the boss. The public recognition of a job well done goes a long way in rewarding a sales consultant and gives the entire team a feeling of accomplishment. Allow one of your sales consultants to tell the story about how they closed a big sale or overcame a big objection to make the sale.

Whether you meet every day with your sales team or just once a week, the 30 to 45 minutes you spend with them is so important for their success and the success of your company. Let me know what you’re doing to keep your team motivated.