Guest Post: 5 Best Practices for a Social Media Campaign

Crystal Newton by Crystal Newton | 06.04.2013

Crystal Newton is the Marketing Coordinator for Bates Security.

As dealers in 2013, we all know the importance of social media presence in today’s virtual world.  Social media is not a fad – it is an ever-changing world of its own and it’s here to stay. Simply having a presence on social media is not sufficient. An effective social media campaign allows continued branding of your company and search engine optimization, ultimately leading to website traffic, leads and new customers.

Finding the right social network is key to a successful campaign. Facebook is not for everyone! This may take several months of tracking results before you can find out which network is right for your company. At Bates Security, we have identified Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as our top three social networks to invest time in for marketing campaigns.

When creating a social profile on each network, four things are necessary during set up to keep you top of mind with your customers and potential customers:

Company Logo – your logo is your identity. It needs to be the first thing seen in your profile. Branding, branding, branding.

Company Description – just a few words about what it is you do and what you offer.  Short and concise.

Link Back to Company Website – very quickly and easy to get potential customers to your website where it is all about you! 

Phone Number – a quick and easy way to contact you – mobile optimized.

When you have your social networks set up, it’s time to implement a campaign and track results! According to HubSpot, our social media consultant, there are five best practices for an effective social media marketing campaign and daily social engagement:

  1. Follow the 50/50 rule – approach social media like a normal conversation by engaging others and not just talking about your company and its services.  Think of social media like a cocktail party – how many people will want to carry on a conversation with you if you only talk about yourself?  It is important that you share information that is valuable to others on your social networks.  The 50/50 rule means spending half the time talking your company and services and the other half posting relevant content that your audience is interested in.  Safety tips, community information and photos are just some examples.
  2. Unique but uniform voice – whether one person or multiple people in your office are responsible for social engagement, a uniform voice is key.  Choose a tone and stick to it – formal, professional and friendly tones are some examples. 
  3. Consistency – publish content on a regular, consistent basis. How often is too often?  Research shows that each network is different – Up to three posts per day for LinkedIn, up to four posts per day for Facebook and up to nine Tweets per day for Twitter.
  4. Always include links – make sure each message provides a link back to the original relevant piece of content.  When posting safety tips or community interest, include the link back to the original article.
  5. Review the ROI – monitor the performance of each account to improve your efficiency and track your goals.  This is the most important part of your social media campaign!  Remember – do more of what works, stop doing what doesn’t work.  If Facebook is not proving to be a valuable lead generation tool, spend less time on it!  Move on to something that is working.

Remember that social media is “free”, but your results will depend on the time invested. Products such as HubSpot, Hootsuite and Socialite will allow you to combine your social media marketing efforts into one platform. Prescheduling posts and tweets is a time saver as well.

Following other companies on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great way to get started. Sharing posts, retweeting and recommending links, articles and blog posts not only promotes your company via your social media messages, but helps your fellow dealers as well. I’d like to invite you all to like, follow and connect with Bates Security on social media!