The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts*

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 06.10.2013

What happens when you combine a world-class security platform, a groundbreaking system controller and the industry’s best remote services solution? You win! Today we’re proud to announce the one/two punch that will change your business forever.  Our VISTA-based Tuxedo Touch controller is now fully integrated with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. 

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

How will it change your business? 
You now have a powerful integration platform that allows you to easily add lifestyle and remote services coupled with a solution that provides big time opportunity when it comes to upgrades and account retention.  This winning combination is the foundation that will grow both your residential and commercial business while it drives additional RMR.

Grow my business and get more RMR…How?
Just take a look at your mobile phone. Place the power of what mobility brings to your customers and add security and lifestyle control in the palms of their hands.  Receive important alerts when you’re not there, control your system from anywhere, save energy every time your arm your system, come home to a well-lit safe environment…these are the messages that will help drive your business to the next level and Tuxedo Touch with Total Connect will take you there! 

For more information check out the Tuxedo Touch dealer toolkit and our award-winning consumer video above. The new video just won a Silver Telly award, the top honor in the Non-broadcast, Direct Marketing category. Be sure to add it to your website to introduce your customers to this innovative offering.

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  1. Rob Chadwick 06.10.2013/2:09 pm

    The FAQ on the Total Connect Toolkit website states that automation control is only available for the L5100. Is automation available today for the Tuxedo Touch? Is AlarmNet pricing the same for Tuxedo Touch Automation as it is for L5100 (Basic & Enhanced)? Are limitations the same… up to three thermostats, up to 40 lights/switches, and up to four locks?

    • Jeff Gough 06.10.2013/4:42 pm

      I do not see a software update or any info on setting the Tuxedo up on total connect

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.10.2013/5:41 pm

      The software upgrade should be available in about two weeks on the Tuxedo Touch Dealer Toolkit – just click on the Software Updates tab.

  2. Christine Renaud 06.10.2013/2:59 pm

    Where do I get the new version update?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.10.2013/5:42 pm

      The software upgrade should be available in about two weeks on the Tuxedo Touch Dealer Toolkit – just click on the Software Updates tab.

  3. Rob Chadwick 06.11.2013/2:40 am

    We have customers that do not have internet in rural areas… will an internet connection be required for the Tuxedo Touch to have automation control or is GSM all that is needed (as with the L5100)?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.11.2013/8:25 am

      Hi Rob, an Internet connection would be needed in the home or business to facilitate remote home automation and control.

    • Jeff Gough 06.12.2013/12:02 pm

      I can’t imagine many customers who live without internet wanting home automation.

  4. Michael Remini 06.11.2013/1:13 pm

    If you are nor using the Lynx control panel, the thermostats, lighting and locks can not be controlled using Total Connect on your smart phone. This has been very frustrating because the only option is using a web based browser and the Tuxedo keypad.

  5. Jeff Gough 06.12.2013/11:08 am

    Will the Internet connection through the Tuxedo also be able to transmit alarms to Alarmnet?

    • Ralph Maniscalco 06.12.2013/4:00 pm

      Hi Jeff,
      The Tuxedo Touch handles alarms through the VISTA control panel. That’s where the AlarmNet communicator is located.

  6. Jacob Menke 06.13.2013/2:54 pm

    If we wanted to add energy management to to an existing Tuxedo how do we know how to do this?

    How do we know the parts necessary and the price to add them?

    There is some info but not enough to actually show us (alarm dealers) how to do it.

    • Allen Carline 06.26.2013/5:34 pm

      At the moment the energy management would be handled via Zwave from the Tuxedo. Any hardware is needed to control is included with “this” version of the Tuxedo and Tuxedo Wifi. For a device connected to a standard power outlet, switch, or thermostat you need Zwave compatible adapters. If there is to be any connection to a electrical meter for example the Tuxedo would require a Zigbee transceiver. A Tuxedo with Zwave and Zigbee is not available yet.

  7. Steve Hays 06.14.2013/5:29 pm

    Just a quick reminder that it is my understanding that currently only the Tuxedo Wi-Fi can upgrade its software. I was also told by this week byTech Support that it would be 2 weeks before release of the planned software up-grade for Tuxedo & Z-wave control.

  8. gary chance 06.24.2013/1:23 pm

    Any word on the release date yet?

  9. Chris Gilliland 06.25.2013/11:32 am

    The update was suppose to come out last week???

  10. Allen Carline 06.26.2013/5:26 pm

    Steve are you saying that only the TuxWifi will receive a new firmware update? To confirm the Tuxedo and Tuxedo Wifi both have the capacity to upgrade firmware. They obviously use different versions since the hardware is slightly different. If the Tuxedo (wired) is not going to receive a upgrade is it on the road map to ever get one? Is there a confirmed date for the firmware release ?

  11. Ryder 06.30.2013/1:08 pm

    How much longer on the upgrade?

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 06.30.2013/7:12 pm

      Hi, our apologies for the delay. The update is more complicated than previous updates and we tested many iterations of the process to make it as simple as possible for dealers. We appreciate your patience and rest assured that the update process will be posted on the Tuxedo Touch Toolkit very soon.

  12. Brian 07.01.2013/10:09 am

    Is it true that you won’t be releasing a firmware upgrade for anything but the Tux WiFi? The wired Tuxedo units won’t have the same expanded Total Connect functionality (z-wave devices, etc.)? This is the first I’ve heard of this rumor, and I have to tell customers one way or the other.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 07.01.2013/10:18 am

      Hi Brian, this is true… only the Tuxedo Wi-Fi version will be upgradable to Total Connect. However, we suggest you contact your Honeywell District Manager and let him or her know so they can help you.

  13. Jeff Gough 07.01.2013/7:53 pm

    So we will need internet to the keypad, plus a second Alarmnet account??

    Also, why would only the WiFi version get an update, this is really wrong to anyone who pre-wired their home.

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 07.02.2013/10:28 am

      Hi Jeff,

      Detailed instructions for updating an installed Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi unit and connecting it to Honeywell Total Connect can be found at A second account is not needed. On AlarmNet Direct you enable Tuxedo Touch on the existing account. An Internet connection is required at the Tuxedo Touch whether or not it is connected to Honeywell Total Connect.

      Keep in mind that all production since early June are Total Connect ready, wired and Wi-Fi versions. They have a big blue “tc” logo on the sides of the boxes. The wired version is still available, but you may not be aware the that the Wi-Fi version also has a wired Ethernet port. Either one is fine to use if the mounting location was pre-wired with CAT5.

      While we would have preferred to be able to update all Tuxedo Touch units, wired and Wi-Fi, it turned out that adding Total Connect required more horsepower than the original wired units can provide. New production of wired Total Connect ready Tuxedo Touch units (TUXW and TUXS) are built on a different platform with a different operating system.

  14. Noel Haydon 07.02.2013/9:45 am

    Update is out for the wifi unit. Great update thank you!!!

    • David Gottlieb (Admin) 07.03.2013/11:38 am

      Hi Noel, thanks for the kind words. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we worked through the details.

  15. Daniel Papagolos 08.22.2013/8:13 am

    So the bottom line is my “old” non wired unit is basically useless as none of the updates have been stable and now will no longer be updated? This is really poor engineering and customer service.
    Daniel Papagolos

  16. Fred Fordham 10.07.2013/12:23 pm

    I tried the update for the TUXS so I can see the zwave devices through Total Connect, and the device stops working. I have to remove the card and reset again for it to come back online. Any suggestions?

  17. Bill Fernandez 11.25.2013/11:04 am

    My question is with the TUXW and all my zwave devices, do i need to subscribe to the alarmnet service to remotely view my home automation or can I just connect directly to the TUXW from a brouser or app so i can maintain my home automation/alerts /etc myself? Basically, do i need to pay for monitoring if i have a TUXW?

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