Guest Post: KlaasKids and the Security Industry: A Natural Partnership

Marc Klaas by Marc Klaas | 07.22.2013

Matson Alarm held a KlaasKids event as a vaulable service for the parents and children in their Fresno, California community.

Marc Klaas is the founder of KlaasKids Foundation, a non-profit with a mission to stop crimes against children.

The KlaasKids Foundation has partnered with the security industry to facilitate child safety events since we received non-profit status in 1994. Our relationship with the industry has grown stronger with time, because we both take our responsibilities seriously, approach our work with professionalism, and provide important services to the community. So it makes perfect sense that we should find ways to work together to accomplish common goals.

For the past decade, our primary connection to the security industry has been through First Alert Professional Authorized Dealers. In April, we held our tenth annual event with Beam Easy Living Center in Grass Valley, CA and in May we returned to Matson Alarm in Fresno, CA. In both cases, we were able to leverage our status as a high profile non-profit organization to promote the Print-A-Thon in local media. This resulted in local morning show appearances, front page newspaper stories, radio interviews and after event segments on the local evening news.

Creating Safer Communities
Always free to the public, the Print-A-Thon is underwritten by community-minded sponsors like Matson Alarm who wish to maintain safe communities and give back to their loyal customers. The Print-A-Thon uses imaging systems originally developed for federal law enforcement agencies that integrate digitized computer technology to fingerprint and photograph children quickly without ink or film. Our imaging systems are able to develop magnified, forensic quality fingerprints on children as young as three-months old: a feat that no other system can duplicate.

Parents immediately receive an English or Spanish language 8 1/2 X 11 inch Bio-Doc® featuring fingerprints, an updated photograph, and blank form fields for personal and identifying information. We also provide a suite of child safety tools that include a DNA Collection Kit, updated and pro-active child safety tips, a nine-point emergency plan and a KlaasKids produced video on what to do in case of an emergency. KlaasKids Foundation coordinators are always available to answer child safety questions and distribute child and parent safety information at no cost.

With our partners, we have served more than 1,000,000 children without data basing personal or private information.  Facilitating a Print-A-Thon is a win/win for all parties involved. It allows our fantastic sponsors to fulfill social responsibility by creating safer communities. It provides parents with an opportunity to engage a safety dialogue with their children in a fun and positive environment. And, the biggest winners of all are the kids, because they receive tools that enable them to make choices and decisions that will help to avoid victimization in the first place. Individually, none of us has the power to effect profound change, but, by reaching out and linking arms, together, we can change the world.