Creating a Stickier Customer: Three Phrases to Remember

Chris Ciervo by Chris Ciervo | 07.09.2013

I find it a bit funny that we in the industry like to refer to the practice of keeping customer loyalty as “creating a stickier customer.” In the physical sense, “sticky” can feel a little annoying and uncomfortable, and that’s certainly not how manufacturers and dealers want their customers to feel about them.

Wireless transmitters like this outdoor PIR give consumers affordable protection.

The thought crossed my mind when I recently contributed an article to Security Dealer & Integrator magazine on the topic of “Making it Sticky” and retaining customers. Competition is always heating up, and security dealers are constantly looking for ways to retain customer loyalty. Here are some key phrases to keep in mind: 

  • Little maintenance
  • Easy installation and management
  • Significant ROI with little cost down

If you can offer a range of solutions that can offer all three of those characteristics, you’re certainly off to a good start. Some of the examples I gave include weather-resistant, wireless transmitters and wireless IP video that give homeowners affordable protection and peace of mind. They alert homeowners to activities going around areas of the home that are not easily accessible, or when the homeowner is not present.

Here is a link to the article . How are you adding more value to your customers and increasing your RMR? Please let me know with a comment below.