Updated Software for Installed Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi Units is Available

Eric Oh by Eric Oh | 07.03.2013

Recently, we announced the availability of the new Honeywell Total Connect ready Tuxedo Touch units. If you have already installed the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi units for your customers, the updated software is now available.

The update includes the following new items:

    • Enables Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services on installed Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi units.
    • Scenes can be activated by alarms, system events and zone status changes.
    • Honeywell Total Connect scenes can be run manually.
    • Lighting devices can be run for a specific period of time.
    • Lighting scenes can be set according to sunrise and sunset, in addition to time.
Here is a chart that outlines the differences between using Tuxedo Touch locally and with Honeywell Total Connect.

In order to update the installed units, you need to follow a two-part process. First, update the keypad. Then, you will need to update the AlarmNet account. The update procedure may appear complicated at first, but if the steps are followed WITHOUT SHORTCUTS the process will go smoothly.   

Here are a few things to take note of:

  • Wired TUXW and TUXS units that were manufactured prior to the release of the new units in June cannot be updated to support Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.  Honeywell Total Connect ready TUXW and TUXS use a different operating system than original units, and are manufactured on a different circuit board
  • Failsafe Update:  “Lack of some critical files in the SD card” is the message that appears on the screen if you attempt to update units with software that isn’t compatible.
  • New Honeywell Total Connect ready TUX and TUXWIFI units have large blue “tc” labels on the boxes.  TUX units are revision level 4.4.32L and TUXWIFI units are revision level 4.4.32W, which is the same as the update.

Please click here for the direct link to the updates. To be sure you are alerted of future updates, please register here.

Thank you for your patience as we finalized the details of the update.  We hope you and your customers will be pleased with the new features.