A Bright Opportunity: Honeywell VISTA and Lutron’s RadioRA 2

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 07.01.2013

The rise in consumer demand for home automation and control systems presents a tremendous opportunity for security and automation dealers.  To help our dealers meet these demands, Honeywell works with third party providers to expand our eco-system to offer a richer platform of support solutions. Combining Honeywell’s world-class security products with Lutron RadioRA® 2 wireless home control and lighting solutions allows dealers to build systems that suit their customers’ lifestyles and grow with their changing needs.

Most residential and commercial VISTA control panels now support lighting, shade and temperature control technology from a leader in lighting control, Lutron. This gives security and home automation professionals a greater range of options when designing connected-home systems for their customers.  It’s a winning combination—one that can make consumers’ homes safer, more enjoyable and energy efficient while helping security and home automation professionals win new business.

By supporting Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Total Home Control System, the VISTA panels allow installers to offer homeowners the ability to save energy and create lighting scenes based on whether their security systems are armed. For example, the RadioRA 2 system can be programmed to turn off lights, close shades and roll back the temperature if the alarm panel is armed.  Additionally, the solution can turn lights on if the alarm is tripped by an intruder.  Lutron is currently doing additional testing on the module with its RadioRA 2 system and a full launch is expected shortly.

Our 4232CBM currently supports the Control4 system. Honeywell is committed to providing consumers with an affordable and extensive portfolio of connected home solutions. We are currently working with a number of third party providers on similar support with the 4232CBM to attain the same goal.

Interested in learning more? Check out some frequently asked questions.  Honeywell security dealers should email sales@lutron.com to be aligned with a qualified RadioRA 2 installer. Qualified RadioRA 2 installers should call 1-800-852-0086 to connect with a Honeywell security dealer.