Guest Post: A Changing Business Model

Roger Barnes by Roger Barnes | 08.19.2013

Roger Barnes is president of Roger’s Security Systems, Inc. located in Burlington, Ontario.

When I founded my company in 1994, I couldn’t have predicted where the security industry would be nearly 20 years later. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the business and one that has really impacted the way we go to market is wireless.

Traditionally, we have installed hardwired security systems, but we are now moving away from land lines altogether, and installing mostly wireless systems with a self-contained cell.  We have completely changed our business model with the new LYNX Touch. 

As soon as Honeywell offered the Advanced Protection Logic (APL) feature in LYNX Touch, we decided to go mainly wireless with this new level of protection.  LYNX Touch now amounts to about 80% of our business from residential to small commercial installs.  It saves us a lot of time and money on installs.  The lifestyle enhancing features available with Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services are sparking interest with customers and opening new markets for us.  We are now selling locks and thermostats, which we didn’t sell before.

Customers start off buying one or two Z-Wave® modules, and once the system is in, they want to add more modules and more convenience to their security systems.  We are earning more RMR by offering customers the ability to remotely control their security systems, cameras, lights, thermostats and locks.  They are growing their systems and we are growing with them, adding convenience and lifestyle features to traditional security and life safety. 

LYNX Touch completely changed our way of thinking and provided us with a great new business opportunity. I think one of the reasons we have had such success with the product is because it is so easy to use. Customers in the 60+ age category find it really user friendly and the younger generation are really interested in all the remote features with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.

Cottage Country Benefits from Remote Control
In our market, we have what’s called “Cottage Country.” Many homeowners have second homes or “cottages” that they visit seasonally or on the weekends. This gives us a great opportunity to provide our customers with a way to remotely control home heating or cooling and lighting for energy savings and comfort or keep an eye on their property wherever they are.

In case of an emergency, customers can allow someone access to the premises – all without providing anyone codes.  We find our customers are using this feature to audit the cleaners, providing them with remote access to the building or home and securing again and also knowing when they arrived or left the home or building.

With LYNX Touch, the battery life is getting longer and longer.  In Mid-July, we had over 200 plus customers that lost power.  In cases where the power was out for more than 10 hours, the LYNX Touch went down, but when power was restored, the LYNX returned to normal operation. We made the decision to use AlarmNet GSM radios for communications. Therefore, once power is restored, the AlarmNet service automatically updates the panel with the date and time.  This saves us time and money by reducing service calls and calls from customers.

Another great feature with the new LYNX Touch 5100 is the tornado alerts feature added to Honeywell Total Connect. With all the bad weather we have been having in Southern Ontario lately, we have had several tornado warnings in just one week.  This feature gives our customers peace of mind since they know they will be alerted of the emergency.

Are you using LYNX Touch 5100 in your area? If so, I’d be interested in hearing from you in the comments below about how it is impacting your business.