Upgrade, Add Value =Grow Your Business

Ralph Maniscalco by Ralph Maniscalco | 08.20.2013

Use this brochure to inform your customers about all the products and services that can enhance their lifestyle.

What’s in a title? Is it catchy, does it grab your attention? Perhaps not always, but in this case I want you to carefully read it because it could mean the difference between staying viable, fading into the background or worse! By last count there are several million existing VISTA systems doing their thing, protecting homes and businesses in North America. By the way, they’re your accounts, they make you money every day, and many of them are at risk. You see today you cannot just sign and drive. Today you have to know your customer, service your customer and add value.

Take a look at all those accounts that have been sitting for years and ask yourself if you are doing enough to educate, inform and add value for those customers.  Do they have modern keypads or the latest communications technology that allows you to add remote services that can save energy, control lighting, locks and other devices in the home or business? Do they need video surveillance, outdoor sensors or notification services to keep them aware of what’s going on in and around their homes and businesses? You won’t know if you don’t ask. More importantly, your new competitors are asking these questions on every sales call and showcasing the latest cool technology that today’s consumers want.

Recently, a dealer who is under the same competitive pressures you are experiencing, asked if I had some material to help inform his customers about his entire offering,  just in case they had questions or needed more information. I emailed him a small tri-fold brochure that can be mailed with his monthly statements.  You can download it here. It’s just a friendly reminder of what’s available from your company. He took the first step in helping inform his customers about his complete offering. How long will you wait before you begin to re-engage your customers?

Remember, whether it’s maintaining your existing accounts, acquiring new ones or even selling your business, you get out what you put in.