Open Standards & Integration: What’s It to Ya?

Katie Hunt by Katie Hunt | 10.09.2013

Open standards have become extraordinarily important to our customers; imperative you might say.

Both dealers and end users expect to seamlessly integrate multiple manufacturers’ systems to create one solid security platform. Honeywell understands the value of open standards, as it allows the customer to use the “crem de la crem” of solutions to integrate into existing building systems. The result?  Happy customers with strong security, control and management capabilities, along with the potential for significant cost savings on training and support.

AND: Here’s something you may not know – according to ONVIF news, on August 27 ONVIF announced its “Release Candidate for Profile C, which enables interoperability between clients and devices of physical access control systems (PACS) and network-based video systems, [extending] the functionality of the ONVIF global interface specification into physical access control. With Profile C, systems integrators, specifiers and consultants will be able to more easily deploy an integrated IP-based video and access control solution from a variety of different video and access control providers. Compatibility between edge devices and clients helps to simplify installation and user training by reducing the need for multiple proprietary monitoring systems to handle different PACS devices.”

Integration is different than open standards, yet equally essential. Read on for things to know about Honeywell’s Pro-Watch security management suite which combines access control, digital video intrusion and more into one powerful system. Pro-Watch has the Honeywell software development kit (HSDK) which is compatible with Tridium’s Niagara Framework, providing a means of integration to the huge library of existing Niagara compatible third party systems, or if required, it supports .Net based integrations.

Pro-Watch is available in 4 versions:

  • Pro-Watch Lite Edition was developed for smaller sites consisting of less than 32 doors; typically these are smaller businesses within a single location.
  • Pro-Watch Professional Edition covers medium-sized organizations with up to 64 doors and provides full badging capabilities, not available in the Lite edition. 
  • Pro-Watch Corporate Edition is used by larger organizations and campuses including several Fortune 500 companies, and is the best choice for organizations requiring 24/7 business continuity plans for their security system.
  • Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition is used by multinationals to tie together sites spanning the globe.  

Large facilities that require integration of access control, digital video and intrusion, often with a multi-building footprint such as airports, utility companies, manufacturing facilities, campuses, government buildings, critical infrastructure, oil refineries or multi-tenant high-rises all are perfect candidates for Pro-Watch with HSDK.