When Your Wireless Network Needs a Boost

Dean Mason by Dean Mason | 10.28.2013

As I walk around my house with my iPad, the range limitations of my local wireless network become apparent. I notice the loss of Wi-Fi signal in various locations in and around my home. Just like our smart devices, Wi-Fi based cameras are also subject to the local wireless network performance within the application.

LWREXLOGIDcopy_20131014T235950ZI suggest using the wireless networking steps that Dave Engebretson has expertly described in his blog to maximize Wi-Fi performance. Testing Wi-Fi coverage before finalizing the installation is certainly a best practice.

At times, the wireless network coverage does not align with Wi-Fi camera placement. For these installation challenges, Honeywell’s new Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender is designed to give your wireless network a boost when you need it for Honeywell Total Connect™ video applications.

The WREX is a simple plug-in device that acts as a bridge between the Honeywell Total Connect camera and the access point or router, effectively extending the Wi-Fi range. It fills the signal gap by repeating Wi-Fi signals from Wi-Fi cameras to the wireless router to help eliminate dead zones. And, it expands the range of locations in homes and businesses where Honeywell Total Connect Video Wi-Fi cameras can be installed.

The WREX comes as a plug-and-play device that is ready for deployment right out of the box.  It’s plugged into an electrical outlet and blends in with its surroundings, and a signal strength LED helps determine its proper location.  Configuration is easy thanks to push-button Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) that is standard on the WAP-PLUS and many other wireless routers.

Have you had an installation where the WREX could help make your day a little easier? Let us know with a comment below.