New Modern Keypad Line Reduces Installation Time

Michelle Nettuno by Michelle Nettuno | 11.22.2013
6100 Series

The 6100 Series of keypads have a modern look for your customers and save you time during every installation.

Honeywell 6150 and 6160 keypads have been the face of Honeywell VISTA systems for several years. Once the mainstay of our user interface devices, a graphic touchscreen option came along in 2004 and added a slick look and feel to our interfaces. To satisfy the needs of our customers who install the 6150 and 6160 keypads, we recently released our new 6100 keypad line.

These new keypads have a modern look, enhanced functionality and simplified installation.  With three custom Alpha (Standard, RF and Voice), four Fixed-Language (Standard, RF, Voice and Zone Input, and two French versions (RF and Zone Input), the 6100 line truly has something for everyone.

We have created three “How To” videos to help users learn how to operate the keypads. Below is the video that reviews the basic operation. To access all three videos, check out the playlist on our YouTube channel.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

For installers that rely on keypad programming, our Alpha versions feature VISTA Intelligent Programming, or VIP, which offers menu-based selections for the most commonly used programming fields—with the goal of saving time on every installation.  These models now accommodate eight lines for programming and offer real-time entries per screen. Of course, the Alpha keypads will work on any VISTA panel though VIP is available only on select VISTA panels–but the list is growing rapidly.

The Alpha models are now 20% smaller than previous models, matching the size of our Fixed-Language versions and creating a “family look” among the new keypads.  The display area is 32% larger than previous models, and the bold fonts make the keypads ideal for anyone who prefers larger, bolder type.  All models feature single button arming which is supported by all VISTA controls. This option can greatly enhance the user experience.

From a Dealer’s Perspective
Ben Abrams, Director of Technology at AFA Protective Systems, Inc. in Syosset, NY, participated in our Keypad Pilot Program. He states, “Honeywell is bringing security systems into the future from a design perspective but keeping the end-user experience the same so our current customers won’t have to learn anything new.” For new customers, Ben adds, “The new 6100 keypads make learning easier if customers are switching from another system, because Honeywell systems are easier to work with than some of the competitive systems in the market.”

According to Ben, “the round design is better because it is neater and stands out against square walls.  Honeywell is bringing out the future with the new keypad designs.”  Regarding VIP on our Alpha models, Ben feels that VIP will improve installation time. “It may only be minutes in savings, but minutes count.”