Changing Access Control for More RMR

Pat French by Pat French | 11.13.2013

It’s hard to change. To leave what is familiar to us and learn something new and different can be challenging. When I look over the last few years, I see the changing work environment.  Computers changed from office tools to their common place usage in the home. Now, the desktop home computer is changing to tablets where content is online, reducing the local storage.

While the tablet movement is rapid in the retail market, it is slower in the large commercial market but is making inroads as Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) policies are now being embraced by some businesses.  Industrial grade/ruggedized tablets are now available for the more demanding environments.

Change is everywhere I look in the access industry, as well driven by the need to reduce total cost of ownership. Cost reduction comes from many different directions, such as finance wanting to reduce capital investments to a more streamlined and manageable service fee; IT wanting to reduce deployment and maintenance costs  (hardware/labor/license management/HD failures/backup data), and new employee training costs. The list goes on and on.  

Many small to medium size companies have chosen a remote managed or remote hosted solution where they can use a web browser to manage the daily needs of their system and their service provider takes care of managing the system remotely (reducing TOC – computer updates/maint/repairs/training) .  Some larger applications also see the value of using a self-hosted solution leveraging the cost of their existing servers in a virtualized environment and using the web interface as a means to reduce cost of thick client deployment. And in the last year, even smaller applications are seeing the benefit of a self-hosted web accessible system.

While WIN-PAK CS was originally designed to support multiple accounts for managed services providers, it can also serve the single account needs mentioned above. That’s why we are creating a single account version of WIN-PAK CS 4.2 in an eXpress Edition and Standard Edition feature sets.  Now the power to manage and control entrances, cards, card holders, schedules, and reports can be performed via a web browser on your iPad, iPhone or other mobile device. And from a desktop browser, you can even print photo id badges. Now that’s a change to embrace.