Look Who’s Two…The Security Channel Blog

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 11.25.2013

As any parent will tell you, the changes in a child from 12 months to the “terrible twos” can be quite impressive. Not only are they growing physically, but they are actually becoming more social, learning to talk and interact with others.

135326611Although we haven’t had any temper tantrums in our editorial meetings just yet, The Security Channel Blog has grown over this past year as well. Quite literally. We’ve added 20 Honeywell bloggers from our marketing, sales, and tech support departments, giving you a variety of views about the Honeywell products we provide.

Another area where we’ve seen great growth is our guest blogger community. This year, we’ve increased the number over 150%! Whether it’s sharing their ideas about their customer’s thoughts on our products, helpful social media tips or even some great restaurant reviews, these individuals have added an important dimension to The Blog.

In addition to adding bloggers, we’ve also grown our social networks. We know have over 16,000 Twitter followers and close to 19,000 Facebook fans. Our LinkedIn numbers climbed to over 3,500 and we’ve grown our presence on Google Plus to almost 1,000. I invite you to follow us on the social media site you visit frequently since we will be sharing news beyond the blog posts each week.  And it’s a great way to give us immediate feedback so we can develop more content that speaks to your needs.

We’ve grown a lot this year and we want to continue improving in 2014. Please share your thoughts on the topics you’d like to see by commenting below. Let’s keep the conversation going!