Happy Holidays – “Home Is Where the Heart Is”

David Gottlieb by David Gottlieb | 12.16.2013

This time of year is a good time to remind ourselves that our industry doesn’t just sell gadgets and cool technology or provide just another service – our industry provides something very tangible and important – and that is safety, security and comfort for real people all year long.

Please watch this special music video, which reminds us of that – by showing how what our industry does is woven into the daily life of one family.

The song by Nashville-based band Telecommunicators is called “You’re My Heart.” Please watch the music video and feel free to share it with your friends.  You are also welcome to download the MP3 and add it to your personal music collection.

From all of us at Honeywell Security Group – we wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!