Guest Post: Honeywell Total Connect Video Clip Recording

David Engebretson by David Engebretson | 01.02.2014

Dave Engebretson is a certified fiber optic and IP networking trainer and author.

As our industry transforms itself from analog to IP video, one of the sticking points for some security dealers is that services like Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services provide recording of video clips only when motion is detected in a camera’s field of view.  While many dealers are more familiar with the “record every camera, 24/7” philosophy, a recent event at my house confirmed for me the absolute practicality of only recording motion clips.

Gate and TC Camera backyard 11513Let’s set the scene.  Living in downtown Chicago, events such as home break-ins do occur with some regularity.  To thwart the bad guys, I have tall fencing around my house, front yard and back yard.  The fence in the back yard is wooden, with a recently replaced gate for access to the alley for trash removal. This gate is secured with a padlock on a metal lock mechanism.

Two weeks ago I came home from taking my daughter to school and I found my back gate swinging open, yet the padlock was still locked on the hardware.  It wasn’t that way when I’d left the house two hours earlier, so now I had both a mystery and a problem.  The mystery was how did the gate get opened while the padlock is still locked…does someone unknown have the key?  The problem was that I was preparing for a business trip and would be leaving that afternoon for two days away from home.  My wife works from home, so I was greatly concerned that someone was setting my house up for a burglary/home invasion and I would not be home to protect my wife and daughter.

What to do?  How could I investigate this problem?  Then I remembered that my back yard is covered with an outdoor Honeywell Total Connect camera.  I was able to quickly access my Honeywell Total Connect account, and view all of the motion events from the backyard camera that had occurred that morning.  Rather than have to tediously watch 2-3 hours of full-frame rate video, I simply had to watch about eight recorded clips.  In just a couple of minutes, I was able to verify that if a person had somehow opened my backyard gate, they had not proceeded towards my house or garage door.

A quick trip to the hardware store and the gate padlock was replaced, and I was able to head to the airport with the peace of mind that I have Honeywell Total Connect watching my backyard, and I will be able to quickly see if anybody is intruding into our property.

The recording of motion video clips is the best way for end users to get the full usage of their video systems.  And the Honeywell Total Connect app and web site provide quick searching of events, letting customers know within minutes what’s been happening in front of their cameras. 

I’ve been compensated to contribute to this blog, but the opinions expressed in this post are my own and don’t necessarily represent Honeywell’s positions, strategies or opinions.