Building a Bridge from Analog to IP

Deborah Paterson by Deborah Paterson | 02.19.2014

NVR_HYBRID_stack_noCDIn my hometown of Louisville KY, a much needed new bridge is being constructed over the Ohio River to connect downtown to southern Indiana.  Seeing the construction, it made me think how bridges help us travese difficult terrain in a quick and easy way and allows us to transition from one point to the next.

In the video surveillance world, we can look at video/audio encoders in the same way.  They help us build a “bridge” between analog video and IP video quickly and easily without a huge investment in time, training or money.   Those on a tight budget can slowly introduce High Definition IP cameras at their own pace and utilize perfectly good existing analog cameras on a Network Video Recorder.  Using the HVE Series Encoders is super easy with the MAXPRO NVR with easy discovery through the Honeywell IP Utility and discovery through the built-in MAXPRO NVR Wizard. They also integrate well with other 3rd Party ONVIF Profile S supported NVRs.

Strong Features at a Competitive Price
The Honeywell HVE1, HVE4 & HVE8 Video/Audio Encoders have a very strong feature set that make them flexible and easy to use while remaining competitively priced.  A wide range of supported video compressions, including H.264, reduce bandwidth and storage saves money.  Encoding up to 30 fps on every channel at full resolution (4CIF) gives optimal picture quality with the capability of dual streaming.

Embedded motion detection, alarm inputs and relay outputs allow the HVE encoders to generate alarm events and conveniently control external devices such as sirens, warning lamps, or even open doors.  Alarms and events can report to the NVR, and can also be conveniently sent by email directly to a security guard patrolling the area or by FTP upload directly from the encoder along with a captured JPEG image for later review.

Privacy zones allow sensitive areas making of the video to accommodate regulatory or local requirements.   Through an intuitive web browser, remote viewing capability with local user management offers flexibility in viewing options without the need to install client software.

The one and four channel encoders have local storage microSD support up to 32G, and up to 4 TB Hard Drive support on the eight channel encoder.  Local storage allows for easy retrieval of events, and continuous record mode while ensuring no video is lost if a network failure occurs. Find out more about transitioning your analog systems to IP here.

The new bridge in my community will assist residents in many ways.  You can assist your customers in the same way by helping them build a bridge from analog to IP. They will save time and money, and experience the quality of High Definition video security systems.