Saving Time and Money with Compass

Bill Marrero by Bill Marrero | 02.10.2014

Time is moneyLet’s take a look at how using Honeywell’s Compass Downloader software (commonly referred to as Compass) can help your company save both time and money while increasing your bottom line. If your company is currently programming your Honeywell control panels only via the keypad, you might be missing out. The advantages are many, but saving time and money by becoming more efficient tops the list.

With most Honeywell control panels, you can use either a laptop or desktop PC to quickly program a control, and then transfer the data by connecting directly to the panel either on-site, or via a plain old telephone service (POTS). When using AlarmNet for central station communications, you have the added benefit of seamless download via broadband and/or cell at no additional cost. Imagine using your laptop on or off site via the local area network or a cellular air card to quickly and efficiently program a control.

Not convinced yet?
Well, if you already know how to keypad program, and are comfortable using a PC, you already know how to use Compass. Programming fields, which are normally displayed one at a time on the 6160 LCD keypad, are grouped and displayed in pages, providing a much broader view of the programming options. Compass provides context specific help, search screens, and displays the keypad programming field number (ie *91) to allow you to cross reference with the installation manual. You can even use templates to develop your own set of panel defaults by storing commonly used data (central station phone numbers, delay times, etc.) to make setting up a new panel even more efficient, allowing for in-house standardization of how panels are programmed. In many cases, programming times may be cut in half vs. conventional keypad programming.

There are many additional benefits to making Compass a part of your company’s arsenal. In addition to streamlining panel programming, Compass may also be used as a diagnostic service tool. If a zone’s contact or device has been badly damaged, it may be deleted or bypassed remotely until a technician can be routinely dispatched, instead of scheduling a costly disruptive emergency service call. As end-user requirements change over time, user codes may be modified, delayed entry times adjusted, as well as other options. Additional features may also be added, such as enabling open/close reports which create additional revenue streams without having to drive across town, reducing travel expenses. Compass can also reduce the training time required when hiring new technicians. All programming operations can now be centralized at the home office, allowing the technician to focus on the important task at hand, properly installing the hardware.

Want to learn more about Compass? Sign up for training on-line at our self-paced Discovery eLearning website. You may also contact your customer service representative or your Honeywell Security Products Americas Technical Manager for a list of the upcoming Compass training classes in your area. There has never been a better time to upgrade to our easy to use Compass software, which by the way is available for free to all Honeywell dealers on our website.