New Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services iOS App on the iPad Delivers Big Value for Dealers and End Users

Dean Mason by Dean Mason | 02.12.2014

It was recently announced that there are over one million apps in the App Store. From entertainment to business, there is an app for just about everything.  But what makes a great app? I believe it is the value that it delivers to the user and the user experience.


With the new Honeywell Total Connect iOS App, end users can make adjustments to the video settings from wherever they are.

Honeywell’s new iOS App for Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 delivers plenty of value for homeowners, business owners and security professionals.  The app is designed to address convenience and control for end users and operational efficiency for installers. The new app gives the user experience, feature set and functionality that you previously only had from a pc. Now dealers and end users can use an iPad to perform customized setups for video and automation applications. 

Installer Benefits
Gone are the days of walking around a customer’s home with a PC that you have to connect to the homeowner’s router. With the new app, you can use your own iPad or iPad mini device. The Wi-Fi signal strength indicators provide a visual confirmation for proper Wi-Fi camera installation, virtually eliminating guesswork. You can also use the iPad to configure each camera’s motion detection areas for a real time savings. 

Consumer Benefits
Let’s face it; consumers are accustomed to using their mobile devices for just about anything. With the new app on their iPad, they can perform automation functions quickly and easily. If they want to create a nighttime scene that turns down the thermostat, turns on a hall light and locks the door, they can do that in a matter of minutes using the scene configuration tool. And if they want to change the detection area of their front door camera or measure the camera’s analytics, they can adjust it on an iPad, from wherever they are. 

I believe a great app must be easy to use, regardless of how complex the subject matter. Honeywell’s Total Connect iOS app combines security, video, automation, and more, while keeping it simple. There is even a convenient help icon that acts like an app within the app for additional information. 

Simplicity is the key to usability. I encourage you to download the latest Total Connect iOS app and rate it yourself.