3 Things to Know About MAXPRO NVR Hybrid

Traci Hall by Traci Hall | 03.05.2014

MAXPRO NVR is not a single product, but a family of products that is capable of being easily expanded or upgraded.

As the trend of IP products grows, the need for IP compatible products increases as well. Whether you’re experienced or new to the industry, here are three things to know about the new MAXPRO NVR Hybrid.

1. Open: Allows 3rd Party Integration
With this solution, you can keep the existing cameras at the installation site. Why? MAXPRO NVR Hybrid is an open platform and supports broad third party device integrations with support for PSIA and ONVIF (including Profile S devices) standards, real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) standard and native device integrations including 360° camera support.

2. Easy Set Up
You don’t need to be an IT expert to install and see live video stream on your mobile device. MAXPRO NVR Hybrid provides easy to use desktop clients, web client and mobile apps—MAXPRO Mobile. The web client is supported from any standard Mac or PC browser and requires no additional install, provides the value of reduced setup, maintenance and improved compatibility. The interface has all the functionality and features that users need for daily surveillance operations, such as live view and playback of recorded video. The device comes pre-installed with all required software and is also pre-licensed for 32 channels. Installing is very efficient which saves you time and money.

3. Scalable Solution for Future Growth
Your customer doesn’t want their investment to be outdated immediately after it’s installed. MAXPRO NVR is not a single product, but a family of products that are capable of being easily expanded or upgraded as needed. And the MAXPRO NVR SE, XE, and PE can be upgraded to hybrid with Honeywell’s new encoders.

If you are using IP products, how do you think this new offering can help your business? Let us know with a comment below.