Tuxedo Touch Demonstration Apps Available for iOS and Android

Natasha Ramjit by Natasha Ramjit | 03.11.2014

The Tuxedo Touch demo app is now available for download from iTunes and Google Play! This new app, developed for both iOS and Android platforms, gives dealers the ability to demonstrate the features of Tuxedo Touch in an interactive, modern way—eliminating the use of bulky demo kits. 


Whether you use an iOS or Android device, you can now demonstrate the features of the Tuxedo Touch to your customers with our easy-to-use app.

  • Demonstrates security, automation and multimedia functions of Tuxedo Touch
  • Allows customers to virtually experience what they can do with Tuxedo Touch—from arming and disarming to seeing how an integrated connected home system works with lights, thermostats, locks and shades
  • View instructional how-to-videos, scene and video-clip playback
  • Experience “The Wireless Home”—an interactive page which gives end-users the ability to see exactly how Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch provides a complete connected home experience
  • Includes a simplified instructions bar which can be easily tuned on/off and is always accessible from the main menu
  • Hosts informative literature on Tuxedo Touch, Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services and sensor products
  • Android app gives users the ability to save literature PDFs onto their devices and email. To use this feature, the Adobe Acrobat Reader app must be installed on your device

The iOS app has been optimized for iOS 7 platforms and works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. Download the Tuxedo Touch demo app from iTunes here.  The Android app has been optimized for Android 2.3 platforms. Download the Tuxedo Touch demo app from Google Play here. For more information on Tuxedo Touch, please visit the Tuxedo Touch Dealer Toolkit.

Once you start using the app to demonstrate all that Tuxedo Touch can do, let us know what your customers think with a comment below.