“Take a Test Drive” of Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 05.07.2014

The new test drive feature creates a simulated live experience without the need for a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to a live demo system.

“Do you want to go for a test drive?” You often hear this from a car sales person when you are contemplating whether or not to buy that car. Often times, the test drive will solidify your purchasing decision.

To help our dealers solidify the sale of remote services, we have developed a “Test Drive” interactive demo feature for the iPhone. This allows you to show a simulated live experience to your customers and prospects on what Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is without the need for a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to a live demo system set up to demonstrate the service offerings.

The feature is launched from the login page and all iPhone users have to do is click on “Take a Test Drive” and the interactive demo will then behave as if a user logged into their Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 account. The interactive demo will show customers and prospects all of the features that the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 app has to offer. The following are some solutions that are demonstrated as part of this new feature offering: “Security”, “Video”, “Automation” and overall app functionality.

Test Drive App Is Now Available
The security module demonstrates the capability of remote arming and disarming. The interactive video module highlights how installed Honeywell IP cameras and their live streaming will display in the app with high quality example video stream clips. Want to stress energy management? The automation section of the demo shows how you can remotely control Z-Wave devices that include thermostats, lights, locks, etc. As a sales tool the Automation module highlights a significant number of Z-Wave devices and the full gambit of what customers and prospects can control based on their lifestyle and drive towards a connected home or business experience. We created a video for this blog post to give you an idea of how the demo works. Click here to see it in action.

The “Test Drive” feature is ideal for dealers to use when with a prospect to demonstrate the application or with a customer to up sell services. It is a great tool available on your iPhone to help you solidify the sale and increase your RMR. The feature is now available on iTunes. Check the iTunes store.

Interested in learning more? Email: TotalConnectQuestions@honeywell.com or contact your local Honeywell District Manager.