Guest Post: Is TV Advertising Right for Your Company?

Crystal Newton by Crystal Newton | 05.15.2014

Crystal Newton is the Marketing Coordinator for Bates Security.

As many of us in the security industry continue to focus our advertising efforts on inbound marketing (i.e. Social Media, Website SEO, Blogging), traditional advertising, such as television commercials, is not to be overlooked.  According to the Nielsen Company, the average American watches over four hours of television every day and advertising dollars for television is up 4.2% from last year.

Security is first and foremost an event driven business.  But as the competition grows with cable and phone companies, it’s crucial to be top of the consumer’s mind if/when that event does occur.  Advertising professionals agree that a message must be seen six times before it sticks.  Consistency is key, therefore it’s important that the message you deliver in your television commercial is synonymous with your other public media outlets.  For example, our Bates Security social media pages and print ads all reflect the image that you see in our current, on-air commercial.

To be successful with television advertising, your company needs a good offer paired with a well-produced commercial that airs directly to your target audience.  We worked with a local advertising agency to produce our television commercials.  With the goal of branding in mind, our first spot began running in September on two local network stations during the morning, noon and evening news.  We began with a general information ad and after a few weeks, we added our offers.

After a 2G tower failure in our area brought down several 2G cellular radios, we produced the spot below.  The commercial promotes the ease of switching monitoring services to Bates Security and carries on the theme established by our first branding spot.  Remember, consistency. The next video shows our most recent spot, which is airing now.


Should you be in your own commercial? Sure!  People trust people they recognize.  Our commercial features Bryan Bates, Sales Manager, and Jerry Coy, Residential Sales Manager.  We recently got a lead after a potential customer recognized Jerry in his branded vehicle at a gas station!

Patience is also an important factor when it comes to television advertising.  As an event driven industry, it is important to realize the phone is not going to ring the next day.  Very few people wake up and think “I’m going to buy a security system today!” unless of course, they or someone they know was burglarized the night before.  Frequency is important to build your viewers over time and you need to be able to budget television for at least six months on a consistent schedule.  One very common mistake is airing commercials for three months, seeing no results and giving up.

Your commercials can also be used on your social media channels, your YouTube channel and most importantly, your company website.  Web videos enhance your company’s SEO and bring more traffic to your website.  This also increases the reach of the commercial itself, promotes your product and makes your company stand out from the competition.  Staying creative and being interactive with your marketing is essential to being top of mind to your potential customers.