A Day Behind the Scenes at Vindicator

Katie Hunt by Katie Hunt | 05.28.2014

Pictured above is the Vindicator V5 intrusion Detection System, which provides a valuable solution for integrated command and control.

I checked the weather for Austin, Texas before I started packing my bags for a visit. Over the course of three days, I would see bitter cold, a wintry mix and beautiful, warm sunshine. Austin would soon be the host for one of my first work trips as a new Honeywell employee.

As I arrived at Honeywell’s Austin location where the Vindicator masterminds are located, I was introduced to many great people that I work with on a regular basis, but had never met in person. I was there to learn about this dynamic business as well as participate in a video and photo shoot. Vindicator is a unique integrated solution which protects more than 1,500 highly sensitive, high-risk sites across the globe, aka Critical Infrastructure. Supported by a global network of offices, partners and professionals, Vindicator provides clients with end-to-end solutions, ranging from security assessment and systems engineering to installation/construction and support.

Here are the top three things that I learned on the trip:

  1. Vindicator, Honeywell’s enterprise solution for some of the most extreme, important and demanding applications in the world, is one of the top solutions for these environments. I learned about data encryption and embedded firmware, as well as the intuitive, smart technologies and proprietary operating systems built into Vindicator. I also learned about government regulations, and one of my favorites: SCIF (pronounced skiff), an acronym for Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility. A SCIF is an enclosed area within a building that is used to process sensitive or classified information, utilized by the U.S. military. Understanding this is critical to understanding Vindicator, because it helps one to appreciate the importance of the Vindicator solution, and the protection of such data that is processed.
  2. I learned how some of the most intricate Vindicator solutions work, as well as how and why they were designed and developed. A big part of this was understanding the rigorous internal and external testing that every Vindicator hardware and software goes through, and the severely stringent third party requirements that must be met for most critical infrastructure applications (such as Air Force bases) to purchase and deploy in the field. 
  3. Honeywell employees work day in and day out to solve new problems, solve old problems and provide solutions for government and critical infrastructure locations to protect some of the world’s most precious things… such as top secret intelligence and human lives.

While these are the top highlights, there was so much more. There are locations out there operating Vindicator solutions that were installed more than 20 years ago. Every time new Vindicator products are released, customers can expect superior quality products that last.  I’m honored to have had such a unique learning opportunity as a new Honeywell employee.