LYNX Touch 5200 Demo App Is on iTunes and Google Play

Natasha Ramjit by Natasha Ramjit | 06.18.2014

The LYNX Touch 5200 Demo App is now available for download from iTunes and Google Play!  Demo apps are an important sales tool that help you sell contemporary products in a contemporary way.  The 5200 demo app showcases the product’s new look and video viewing capability.  All of the same great features you’ve come to expect from our previous LYNX Touch demo apps like automation control and security operation are included. And, the new features let you fully demonstrate the capabilities of the LYNX Touch 5200.

5200demoHere’s What’s New:

– Single camera video viewing on the LYNX Touch 5200 4.7” touchscreen

– Simplified home screen layout and user instructions

– Updated LYNX Touch 5200 literature

– Updated Connected Home feature

– Updated toggle switches for Options menu

The LYNX Touch 5200 Demo app has been optimized for iOS 6.1or later platforms and works on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.  Download the LYNX Touch 5200 demo app from iTunes here.  The Android app has been optimized for Android 2.3 platforms. Download the LYNX Touch demo app from Google Play here. For more information on LYNX Touch 5200, visit the LYNX Touch Dealer Toolkit.

Let us know what you think about the latest LYNX Touch 5200 Demo app with a comment below.