Guest Post: Saving Time with AlarmNet Tools

Paul Romanelli by Paul Romanelli | 06.11.2014

Paul Romanelli is President of Suffolk Security Systems.

We’ve been installing AlarmNet GSM and Internet products since the fall of 2007. By the following year, we were so delighted with the product line’s success that we chose to lead all our sales with i-GSM solutions. Since 2009, 100% of our residential security alarm sales do NOT report with a telephone line as a primary method of communications and most of them do not have a POTS line at all!

Pre-Configure Image

The preconfiguration tool lets dealers stay on one screen to customize Honeywell Total Connect setup for end users.

We were also one of the very first dealers to embrace Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. We created and shared our setup templates (using virtual relays) with both Honeywell and other First Alert Professional dealers. And when Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 was released, we created another set of templates to get our accounts online easily.

Sharing our templates and procedures with AlarmNet helped them create a set of tools that make placing an account online more efficient than ever before. It is wonderful to know that the AlarmNet team not only listens to us, but also takes our suggestions back to the troops to develop real solutions.

For example, the preconfiguration tools now available in the AlarmNet site give us the ability to stay in one screen and customize the Honeywell Total Connect setup for our clients. Then, with one easy click, we can send an instant notification to the client with his Honeywell Total Connect account live and ready for use. This tool has easily saved me a significant amount of time in programming and communicating with the client when getting them started.

With the ever increasing changes in technology we are seeing in our industry, every bit of time I can save to focus on my next task is worth it. Thanks for listening AlarmNet!