Low-Light IP Camera Lets You Install the Right Camera for the Job

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 07.14.2014

When it comes to opportunity, don’t be left in the dark. Our indoor low-light IP camera—which lets home and business owners remotely view video and receive notifications of activity in low-light and dark indoor environments—is a great way to increase RMR and to expand the scope of the Honeywell Total Connect Video offering.


The iPCAM-WL is the perfect choice for remote viewing of a nursery or any indoor environment with less than optimal lighting.

The new iPCAM-WL offers a video solution for indoor low light or no light areas.  The camera’s controllable on-board IR LEDs expand the versatility of this video solution. Now with the new low light IPCAM-WL, there is no need to install an outdoor IR capable camera inside a home or business to combat poor lighting conditions.

The camera’s sleek, compact design meets the desired aesthetics required by consumers. The camera supports H.264 video compression, offering greater streaming video efficiency and clarity. The iPCAM-WL is the right tool for the job to support remote viewing of a nursery, basement, storage area, or any indoor environment with less than optimal lighting.

Honeywell’s Total Connect Video Solution lets you grow your customer base because you’re not limited to customers that have a security system. You can provide Total Connect Video whether the customer has your system, a competitor’s system, or no security system at all.  Combine the iPCAM-WL with our dynamic new intrusion offerings– and you’ve got a true, end-to-end solution that no other competitor can touch. Now that’s thinking big picture.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Honeywell Total Connect dealer toolkit.


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  1. Reed Larson 07.14.2014/3:47 pm

    Really, the best that you can do for an IP camera is VGA resolution?

    As a matter of fact, all of your total connect camera solutions are very poor; you really need to consider an open standard that allows the dealer/integrator to choose any ONVIF compliant camera that is available on the market. This is the primary reason why interactive cloud video solutions from Total Connect and Alarm.com are not very attractive.

    • Alice DeBiasio 08.20.2014/12:30 pm

      Hi Reed,

      We are looking into enhancements to our video portfolio that includes HD support, H.264 support, among others. What applications do you currently support – Residential/Commercial?

      Would welcome your participation in feedback and please feel free to contact TotalConnectQuestions@honeywell.com for further questions/comments/interest in participating in a feedback session.

      Thank You

  2. JackTheAlarrmGuy 07.19.2014/1:47 am

    Reed, I would have to disagree with your statement Total Connect 2.0 is solid and stable platform that is design for Honeywell solutions only. There is a reason why Honeywell does not offer or will never offer ONVIF compliant camera systems; think about this. If you were to invest millions of dollars in the R&D of a product (Total Connect and CCTV Equipment) and millions more in the manufacturing and distribution of your product and allow other vendor equipment to utilize your investment; your equipment line sales would dramatically decrease.
    In my opinion, Honeywell should focus on providing better feature-sets, options and higher quality resolution camera systems than allow ONVIF compliant solutions.
    Honeywell… VGA resolution solutions are a thing of the past; customers want high quality resolution camera systems; I would focus on branding only 1.3MP to 3MP IP Based camera solutions for residential consumers and not less or more than that.

  3. Nick Markowitz Jr. 07.22.2014/9:32 pm

    I was disappointed the indoor cameras did not have night vision glad to see it does often a person wants to look into a dark house while away or an elderly parent who may be sleeping and not disturb them.

  4. Bruce Hotchkiss 08.10.2014/1:17 am

    I agree. I would not put anything less than 1.3 megapixel camera in a customer’s home.

  5. Jay Chappie 08.14.2014/7:39 pm

    We need a longer recording option, than 10 second clips. Either a local hard drive ( isee video has one for theirs) or an SD card slot, may 32GB that you can have it record continuous video at 15 frames per second or so. Total Connect is great for looking in, but the 10 second clips are very limiting.

    • Alice DeBiasio 08.20.2014/12:33 pm

      Hi Jay,

      We are looking into enhancements that address video storage requests such as what you have mentioned.

      We are also interested in the video application that you are addressing. Please contact TotalConnectQuestions@honeywell.com if interested in a feedback session or to provide any further comments/questions.

      Thank You

  6. Mark Dunn 08.19.2014/10:48 am

    Are these low light cameras in color?

    Also, when I record where does it record to?

  7. Alice DeBiasio 08.20.2014/12:48 pm

    Hi Mark,

    The IPCAM-WL will display a black and white image when in a low-light environment. In normal lighting conditions the image is displayed in color.

    When a video clip is recorded, the clip is routed to your Total Connect 2.0 account and displays in your Event History.

    If you have any questions as it relates to the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services please feel free to contact TotalConnectQuestions@honeywell.com.

    Thank You

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