Low-Light IP Camera Lets You Install the Right Camera for the Job

Donna Namorato by Donna Namorato | 07.14.2014

When it comes to opportunity, don’t be left in the dark. Our indoor low-light IP camera—which lets home and business owners remotely view video and receive notifications of activity in low-light and dark indoor environments—is a great way to increase RMR and to expand the scope of the Honeywell Total Connect Video offering.


The iPCAM-WL is the perfect choice for remote viewing of a nursery or any indoor environment with less than optimal lighting.

The new iPCAM-WL offers a video solution for indoor low light or no light areas.  The camera’s controllable on-board IR LEDs expand the versatility of this video solution. Now with the new low light IPCAM-WL, there is no need to install an outdoor IR capable camera inside a home or business to combat poor lighting conditions.

The camera’s sleek, compact design meets the desired aesthetics required by consumers. The camera supports H.264 video compression, offering greater streaming video efficiency and clarity. The iPCAM-WL is the right tool for the job to support remote viewing of a nursery, basement, storage area, or any indoor environment with less than optimal lighting.

Honeywell’s Total Connect Video Solution lets you grow your customer base because you’re not limited to customers that have a security system. You can provide Total Connect Video whether the customer has your system, a competitor’s system, or no security system at all.  Combine the iPCAM-WL with our dynamic new intrusion offerings– and you’ve got a true, end-to-end solution that no other competitor can touch. Now that’s thinking big picture.

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