Unlock the Key to Success without a Key

Steven Craig by Steven Craig | 07.29.2014

What if I told you that I could offer you an access control system that not only integrates with wireless locks but biometric readers as well?  You are probably thinking, “What’s the big deal?  Every company can and is doing that now.”  Yea, but are they meeting specific wants, providing multiple options, and doing it all at an affordable price?  Didn’t think so.

4.2 Main ImageWith Pro-Watch 4.2, Honeywell offers five different options of wireless locks and biometric readers.  That’s right! With the latest Pro-Watch release you get more choices than you ever did before.  Stop having to use only one or two different lockset or biometric readers.  Instead, use the variety of options 4.2 provides by meeting a specific need.  Want to lock a safe vault or even a glass door wirelessly? Do so with 4.2.

Pro-Watch 4.2 provides integrators the accessibility to sell more access control readers per site due to lower costs and no wires.  It provides access control to doors that are traditionally cost prohibitive due to wires.  With fewer wire runs, the price is reduced.  With reduced prices, you can add more access control readers to doors and even target customers that refused to integrate with access due to elevated prices.  4.2 provides the integrator with more options, more sales per site, reduced costs, and the latest technology.  What’s not to love?

End User Benefits
4.2 won’t leave the end user out in the dust either.  With all this talk about reduced wires and costs, that should help the end user out some, right?  Absolutely!  Customers are finally able to afford a state-of-the-art access system at an affordable price.  They have less reliance on lock and key while gaining an up-to-date management system.  And, they will now have the ability to manage employees more efficiently while gaining an audit trail.  Audit trails let you know when an employee enters or leaves your building without you having to worry.

Pro-Watch 4.2 finally gives both integrators and end users a system that provides multiple options.  I guess you can finally say that you can walk through the door of success without needing a key.