Guest Post: Why We Recommend the LYNX 5200 to Our Customers

Ken Mara by Ken Mara | 07.03.2014

Ken Mara is president and CEO of World Wide Security Group.

The LYNX 5200 is a product everyone can get excited about, especially the customer who will enjoy using this system. Our customers are eager for a feature-rich system and the LYNX Touch 5200 delivers. As an all-in-one home and business control system that is easy to operate, our job of selling and installing this system has been made easier.


The LYNX Touch 5200 offers an enhanced user experience for your customers and prospects.

At first glance, our observations of the LYNX 5200 are the design changes.┬áIt’s so┬áimpressive and robust with rounded edges, a color touch screen with graphic icons and prompts for easy operation. Feedback from customers has been that the keypads/panels are attractive, cleaner and easy to understand. For us, this is a homerun. When a customer embraces a product and its functionality like they have with the LYNX 5200, we have done our job. Not only are we meeting their security goals, but exceeding them. This translates into a better user experience and a customer with a longer lifespan.

Expectations run high with the consumer; spoiled by the performance of technology from apps downloaded to perform any task they want. This same expectation is extended to the alarm company. Our ability to deliver next generation technology is expected of us, and the LYNX 5200 helps us achieve this goal.

In our opinion, the LYNX Touch 5200 breaks down the barriers that once stood between the outdated mindset of home and business security performance. It is a game changer and a welcome addition to what is happening now in the marketplace. And it is an active, responsive and reactive system with massive video capacity. Combined with the Honeywell LYNX Connect app, users can view video and operate their systems.

The LYNX 5200 has taken the traditional alarm system and is driving the industry into the next century with a powerful security system on your phone, on your iPad and other remote devices.