The Home of the Future Today with Tuxedo Touch

Angela Remmert by Angela Remmert | 08.27.2014

Growing up, my favorite family vacation was Walt Disney World. I remember being upset once because I wasn’t old enough to ride the new rollercoaster at Space Mountain. To avoid a tantrum, my mom took me on the moving sidewalk that surrounded it to see the Home of Future Living. This exhibit gave you glimpses into the future and I loved it. I watched a dad on a video conference call from his terrace and a baby being recorded in the nursery with the signal transmitted all over the house.  It was Disney imagination at its best.

All these years later, it’s rewarding for me to work for a company that makes ideas like this a reality. Last week, there was quite a buzz around our office when we announced that our Tuxedo Touch with Voice is now available. If you didn’t see the media coverage or the ISC video below, here’s some of the cool things it can do.

If YouTube is blocked, you can view the video here.

It responds to simple speech commands so you can operate a variety of devices without having to lift a finger. If you’re in a mad rush to get the kids off to school, just say “Hello Tuxedo, leaving the house” and it will arm the security system, adjust the thermostats, turn the lights off and lock the door. But that’s not all. Users can now record video on the color touchscreen and view cameras on mobile devices all around the house.

To give your customers the true benefits of a Connected Home, they need to be able to do these things when they’re on the go. Honeywell’s Total Connect™ Remote Services makes it happen. With this powerful service, homeowners can control their systems from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

The Tuxedo Touch with Voice and Total Connect have made the Home of the Future a reality.  And presenting it to your customers will surely fascinate them when they see and hear what it can do.