Guest Post: Real Customer Stories Create a Vision

Courtney Brown by Courtney Brown | 08.12.2014

Courtney Brown is Public Relations and Marketing Manager for NorthStar Alarm.

Over the years, we have discovered the importance of regular communication with our employees about what we do as a company and why it matters. We have focused our efforts on regular trainings on service, core values, and our mission to help accomplish this. However, about a month ago during a company training, we discovered that we were missing a big puzzle piece. This particular puzzle piece was easy to implement and made all the difference in the world for our organization – regular communication about real customer stories.

We discovered this when an employee raised his hand and described the impact that real customer stories made on his work. This particular employee had been promoted from customer care into an operations role where he was enabled to see regular reports of alarm histories. He went on to tell the group how his job took on new meaning after hearing of about a dozen break-in, fire, and medical emergencies over the course of just two weeks.

He shared one particular story with the group about a family who had the experience of using the 2-way voice feature in an emergency situation: “Around 2 a.m., the home next to a NorthStar customer’s caught on fire. Within a few minutes, the flames jumped roofs and caught the couple’s home on fire. Luckily, a neighbor was coming home from a late night shift and banged on our couple’s door about the fire, which set their alarm off. The couple woke up to their alarm, and thought they were experiencing a break-in. When they saw a silhouette running away from the home, they opened the door and heard the neighbors yelling about the fire. As soon as they ran back into the home to save their dog, the operator came over the panel to see if they were ok. Within minutes of telling the operator about the fire, six fire trucks arrived on their street.”

This was only one of the dozens of stories that he read that painted a clear vision of what our services do for customers. Because he got a first-hand look at what these customers experienced, he understood our company mission. His work took on new meaning.

Since that company training, NorthStar has started sharing stories about customers who have been protected by their Honeywell security systems. We are still finding ways to communicate these with our employees, but have already noticed the impact our efforts have made so far.

There is power in what we do in the security industry – and customer stories need to be communicated throughout an organization to create a clear vision.