Meet Gaming Challenges with IP Upgrades at G2E 

Maureen Bruen by Maureen Bruen | 09.29.2014

Are you planning to attend G2E Expo 2014 in Vegas this week? If so, be sure to stop by the Honeywell Booth #5440 for a look at our IP display. It features IP camera upgrades for existing KD5/HD5 mini-domes and KD6/HD6/Acuix PTZ cameras.

Upgrading existing gaming cameras can present numerous challenges whether they’re fixed or PTZ.  For customers with existing KD5/HD5 cameras, the HD3 series of IP cameras can be quickly installed into existing ceiling cut outs using the HD3IP-5K adapter ring. For customers who are not quite ready to deploy IP cameras, the convenient analog output provides analog functionality while being ready to transition to higher quality IP video as budget permits. Why replace an analog camera with another, when you can be IP ready for the same cost?

L_HD5F_D_HD5_migration flyer

The HD3 series of IP cameras can be quickly installed and offer many benefits for your gaming customers and other industries.

For customers with KD6/HD6/Acuix PTZ cameras, they can install a new back can and camera in the existing cut out as well. The original lower bubble can be reused or updated, maintaining the appearance of the original installation. Keep in mind that these cameras are also ideal for markets outside the gaming industry too.

Benefits of IP Include:

• Crystal clear, color correct images: See every detail of cards, people and activity, leading to positive determinations and resolution of surveillance issues

• One 1080p fixed camera can often replace two analog cameras on craps, roulette and poker

• Affordable: Less expensive and less time consuming than cutting and patching ceilings

• Easy to use: Replace the camera with the adapter ring and the existing lower dome

Gaming authorities have already begun rejecting analog video in fixed cameras over table games, and insisting on high definition replacements to maintain compliance.  Start planning your IP migration strategy today and visit us in Vegas.